Bag Panic! Sounds familiar?

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  1. So, I have wanted a Raffia Alexa for a long time. I have one. Actually I've owned one for 4 months, but was very scared to wear her.

    I bought one with a fault, the turn of the lock had fallen off. Last night I finally fixed it and now I thought I was ready to wear her.

    Naturally, utter panic ensued. I am very afraid of losing the turn lock, scared it will fall off again. Not to mention, is this the right bag for me? Is is to big? Do I look strange etc etc.

    I am a bit of a collecter, of clothing, bags etc. But wearing it...that's really a mission for me. Except for the lock thing she looks brand new. So very afraid to ruin the bag.

    I've used u Gucci bag for years. I bought it banged up and banged it up some more and didn't feel bad one second.

    Sound familiar to any of you ladies?

    Maybe I should just be in the market for a small utterly destroyed Alexa that I can wear and hold together by duck tape LOL.
  2. I once had the turn lock fall off my Alexa! Mulberry repaired it nicely, and now it works fine, but I did have to pay something as the bag was about 2 years old. So bear in mind that if it does ever fall off when you are wearing her, Mulberry will repair.

  3. Unless you are collecting to resell what is the point of a bag if you are scared to use it? It would be like buying an expensive wrinkle cream and leaving it in the cupboard won't work on the wrinkles!!! A bag is for using
  4. You are absolutely right of course. I actually used to do that a lot with beauty product too. Ah well... Lot to learn.
  5. Me too!
  6. I buy stuff for this fabulous woman I hope to be. Feels like a long road. I do love my grandmothers knitted soup stained sweaters. ;p
  7. I understand that. I've had things I've been too scared to use and if that feeling persists for too long, I resell it. There's no point in having it if I'm never going to use it and it's just going to take up space.
  8. Having same problem with my raspberry bayswater! Only bag never to have come out of its dustbag, apart from to occasional admire! Daft to pay all that money and never be used. So it's either time to sell or take the plunge and use her!! Knowing my luck, if I do just bite the bullet and start using her for work I'll get a mark on her the first day I do! :-/

  9. I know what you mean I often shop for how id like to look/dress/act and it's a pointless excise! And a costly one ! I did it with bags like oh If I have this cross body I'll just throw it on and go ...reality...I never wore it because it's not my style!
  10. I totally get this! I think it is like buying a car. The minute we receive the bag and open it and start to use it, the resale value drops dramatically and there is the fear of getting that first scratch. I am in the same boat. For me part of it is the thrill of shopping and acquisition, but it doesn't always translate into actually using the bag.

    I wish you luck!

  11. Agree totally- I tend to do this a lot especially the shopping for how id like to look or dress when in actual fact some styles just don't suit everyone! My bayswater is really not my style and I'm currently trying to move her on even when i stand with her in the mirror and convince myself some day i will- i know my Alexa will always be first choice!
    So if you feel the need to sell and could get something that suits your style and are comfy with I would say do it!

  12. Exactly, I'm always hunting for a good pair of difficult, we're opposite, bays would always be my first choice! What bays do you have? It's hard when you like a bag but it doesn't work , that's why I've not gotten a Bryn yet, I don't do cross body but if the strap works as a shoulder I'd reconsider :smile:

  13. I have the hedgehog bronze maxi grain metallic bays but I only bought this (preloved) because I never thought I would get the same in the fox lock Alexa- but I now have! So it was kind of an impulse buy purely for the resemblance of the Alexa! The bag is lovely but now my collection has grown its the one that needs to go as I'm never going to use it now i have the original one i wanted!
    Yes i also like the bryn but again not enough that id use her as much as deserved!
  14. Yes I know what you mean, I have done this many times before but have definitely stopped buying anything I am not going to wear now :;)

    If I found something when shopping that looked good on me I would buy even if I didn't have anywhere to wear it too. I ended up with far too many clothes in my wardrobe with tags still hanging on them. :lol: I used to do a lot of dancing so had plenty of occasions to wear them but haven't been for a couple of years now.

    I definitely don't need anymore clothes and have made it a rule not to buy anything new unless I plan to wear it that week. That goes for bags too.....................I have sold off most of the ones I don't use. I can't see the point in having a bag if you don't use it, so definitely use your Lexy. So what if the lock breaks again, Mulberry will repair if that happens and it's really not that expensive.
  15. for ser :smile:

    Regardless of how beautiful something is, unless you are a collector (or have excess cash to splash) then move it on and use the money towards something you will use.

    I just replaced gorgeous navy patent with midnight bays. To be honest navy was more stand out although midnight is also stunning (possibly navy would take midnight in a fight! haha). But I just didn't feel comfortable using navy and so I moved her on. I did it quickly as I was worried I would change my mind! haha.

    there is a reason why you are not using raspberry bays. it may be the colour or it may be the style of bag. so move her on and get something that works for you.