Bag organizer?

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  1. Do any of you use a bag Organizer for the zipped Bayswater? Could you recommend something? I was looking at the samorga organizers, but they do not seem to make any for the Mini Zipped Bayswater. Thank you!
  2. Why don’t you look for an organizer that fits the measurements of your bag? For example, I do have a samorga organizer that I purchased specifically for my heritage Bayswater bags but I also can use it in my zipped Bayswater, Del Rey and my Balenciaga City bags. I have a smaller size organizer that I use in multiple bags across designers because of it’s size. So maybe you can look to see if samorga makes an organizer that fit the size of your mini zipped Bayswater even if it was intended for another designer’s bag.
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  3. I haven’t thought of that, thank you!