bag organizer on a wall..saved my life!

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  1. [​IMG]

    do you not find that the dog doesnt open all the way, or is not bulky?
  2. Thanks for posting -- I'd been checking that out and wondering. By the way, I purchased metal shoe racks, stackable, and spent yesterday organizing my summer shoes. I had a plastic rack, but it kept collapsing. I'll try to take a photo later, because I'm pleased with my new shoe display.
  3. I have this and use it to hang my balenciaga's because they are so smooshy and I don't like laying them flat.
  4. I have the one for shoes but they don't work well for me.
    I like the one for purses but they you can't really use the dustbags!
  5. Are the hooks metal? I would be afraid of damaging the handles...