bag or watch?

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What'll it be?

  1. small coral caviar leather chanel

  2. white ceramic and diamond technomarine watch

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. i have to make a decision within the next 24 hours and i so i was hoping u ladies would take my poll and help me decide between this coral caviar chanel bag (which was featured in my caviar leather thread)
    i love the bag my only hesitation is that it doesn't have the classic chanel twist clasp thingie which i love....


    or this white ceramic and diamond technomarine watch (which i plan to get eventually it's just a matter of within the next few months or like 5 years from now)


    and for reference the watch costs a lot more than the bag does........much much more......
  2. THE WATCH!!! It reminds me of the Versace limited edition it!
  3. Hmm, tough decision. The bag is so cute, I love the color. But, the watch is beautiful. I like bags more than watches, though, so I vote for the bag :P
  4. I vote for the bag. Soooooooooo pretty. Besides, who uses a watch anymore? I used my cellphone.
  5. i prefer bags too but i don't own a nice watch so thought maybe it was about time.......but i don't have a chanel either........decisions decisions :sad2:
  6. The bag is gorgeous!! It's got my vote...
  7. The bag is timeless ... the watch although beautiful you'll probably want something different at some time .... that's JMO. Let us know what you decide!
  8. Watch! i think a good watch is an investment for life...and since you don't have one yet, would be good to get one... i'm not too keen on the color for the bag
  9. i vote for the technomarine !!!
  10. love, love, love the watch !!! :love:
  11. I love the watch so pretty! But I will take the bag!lol
  12. Okay somewhat the voice of reason here, which do you need more (not that when your talking that high end you need at all) but which would you use or wear more? Both will last a lifetime and I like jewerly better than purses (gasp) but the watch is pretty trendy do you see yourself wearing a white watch 5 or 10 years from now? The purse will be in style forever.
  13. just for reference i'm 21 right now.......will be 22 in a few months and i'll be working as an attorney in about 2 years so i was thinking the technomarine could serve me as a work watch......not so sure also comes in black and a bunch of other colors......and of course the bag would last me a lifetime........

    i'm about 5'1-5'2ish and i wear lots and lotsa pink :love:

    oh and the watch only needs to last me for a a few years........until i can afford a cartier or rolex :nuts:
  14. oh chanel is so timeless (i've always wanted to say that) yeah i love the colour of the bag! totally get the bag! :smile:
  15. In this particular case, I'd go for the bag. I think that style of watch is trendy, but the bag will always look chic.