Bag or Watch ???

  1. Too many nice things... and decisions decisions !!

    My mom is getting me the damier azur speedy 30 and the monogram pop scarf for valentines which I was lusting over for months..
    However today I saw a gorgoeus burberry watch TDF !!!

    Now I'm having a dilema..should I get the bag with the scarf or the watch??

    I have 3 bags till now.. but no watch ( except for my guess watch) ...
    Put the brand asides ( LV vs Burberry) because I love both..

    What do you think..I'm going crazy! And am scared to ask for both lol...

    I would appreciate the help!
  2. Get the bag and the scarf. Then watch eBay for the burberry watch. I have found exact watches that I love on eBay for a steal and they are less likely to be fake than LV handbags. Damier Speedies go for almost retail and it's harder to get a good buy. Burberry also has sales and LV doesn't.
  3. I agree with the poster above. I am sure you can find the watch on sale. Nordstom Rack always has good prices on watches. LV never goes on sale.
  4. get the bags + scarf. LV prices always increase while burberry stays around the same.
  5. I have to agree with the others - LV never goes on sale. Get the LV and scarf - it will increase before the year is done. While you can probably hunt for the watch and find it half off in a few months.
  6. Just wanted to add I was lusting after my Raymond Weil watch for EVER. It has diamonds around the face :girlsigh: It retailed for $1300...but I waited and waited until they were cleaing out old inventory and bargained it down to $300!!
  7. I'd choose the bag and scarf too! I agree with the others ... wait until the watch goes on sale ... maybe your Mom will buy it for you then too!

    You have a great Mom btw, that's an awesome Valentine's present!
  8. I'd get the bags first, the watch may eventually go on sale ! And hey, even the very luxe brand of watches can be discounted.. but not Louis Vuitton !
  9. not Rolex perspectively.
  10. Thank you :smile: she's my sweetheart:heart:... its funny cause I always nag and tell her to get some designer goodies for herself... but she tells me "Oh i'm old for that.. its your turn now." But my older sisters (married) sisters get her stuff..

    My parents house rule: when we are living with her and my dad they are our responsibility until we get married... so i'm the only daughter left.. hehe
  11. I also agrre with everyone..... get the Bag and scarf and make it a LV Valentines =)
  12. get bag and scarf...:tup::yes: those fashion timepieces do not keep their valeu and will be one sale at end of every season for more thna half the price..:roflmfao:
  13. I'd go for the bag and scarf - esp. since those were the pieces you wanted first. If you just saw the watch, you might want to wait for the impulse "OMG!" to cool down :smile:

  14. Another agreement with above!
  15. If it is a Burberry watch, I would go for a bag.