Bag or Wallet?

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  1. Need your expert assistance my lovely tpf'ers...;)

    I'm going to exchange my Sapphire GSH Money Wallet...but, need help deciding what I should get. I want to give the wallet back because within a few months of purchase, it developed a couple of matching scuff marks where the buckles are (the leather on top of the buckles). I'm so disappointed this could even happen esp. since I paid $595 for this thing and was thinking it would last for years. Since then, I've also learned other tpf'ers have had this similar problem with some of their bags and/or wallets.

    With all this in mind (and knowing my only other Bal is an Anthra GSH City), do you think I should get another bag or wallet? I was thinking maybe a First in black or a brownish color with red undertones (like cognac)...please help :confused1:
  3. Yes I agree, another bag will be awesome and cognac sounds like a good choice since you already have anthra.
  4. Another vote for a bag.
  5. I recently got rid of a few accessories that = a bag. It was such a good decision. :heart: I'll love and wear that bag forever, there are only so many accessories you can use at one time.
  6. I TOTALLY AGREE, to spend that much money for a wallet, just add a little bit more for a much usefull bag.
  7. another vote for a wallet. I have a hard time justifying that much for a wallet, esp. if you only have one bbag! I'd rather have more bags.
  8. Thanks!! I guess it's crystal clear...a new bag it is!

    Too bad cognac is not available anymore...I have to get something that's in the store right now (Bal LA). I'll probably get a First. I might go with Automne or Black since I don't really have an everyday black bag right now. Kinda nervous about black since I've heard a few tpf'ers have had their blacks fade :sad: Ahhhhhhhhhh....why is this so hard?!