Bag Opinion Required

  1. I wish I could see more views of the bag. Is it like an envelope? Or wider? It looks really nice in the view you've shown us! I say yay!
  2. yep i couldnt find anymore pictures unfortunately. :sad: but i also love one of Angel Jackson's older bags but cant find em anywhere.


  3. I like it. yay for me.
  4. I like it, too.
  5. very chanel with a twist...i like it
  6. Its cute....
  7. yea
  8. its shaped almost like a square and i love that it has aligator leather around.
  9. I think it is a head-turner!
  10. I really like it! Good price, too.
  11. I think it is very elegant and a lovely color.
  12. Ooo, I like the second one...the two tone.
  13. Not really a color choice I would make, but it is very unique. I say go for it!!
  14. i say yay. With the colors and unique look I don't know how much use you will get out of it, but it's cute and reasonably priced