1. It funny to see the paranoia we all have for our bags and the care we handle them with, BUT life is not perfect, anyone ever had a big boo boo anyway? Mine was dropping Onionhead box and leaving a dent:cry: and DH spilling a drink on my (when it was NEW) Sac rabat:censor: at least I could yell at him, I just cried when I bunged O.H.
  2. Ummm, I broke a jar of baby food in my Illovo.
  3. Chocolate bar melted in my new coach was devastating, but you get over it.
  4. got stuck in the rain with a 1 day old vavin gm
  5. Tanning lotion on my keepall 50's handles... you can really see the PATINA in that area lol.

    Plus the damn lady at the airport with my Baby (MC keepall 45) slammed it on the convayer belt to go through screening and I yelled at he to be careful, it's expensive and she sorta blew me off!
  6. poor keepall

    but i heart you matt :heart: and your gorgeous keepalls! cant wait for the white one!
  7. I wasn't paying attention and the dye from an especially dark pair of jeans (thanks paper denim cloth), rubbed against the handle of my Speedy 25 as I was walking. Now the one handle has a slightly blue tint to it.:cry: :cry:

    A few years ago I was at a Man Utd. game (a friendly in July in the U.S. a few years ago) and I forgot about a chocolate bar in my bag and it exploded b/c of the heat in my Coach bag that my BF just bought me. I don't know who was more upset-me or him. I still can't get the stain out.
  8. There might not ever be a white one with the new price $2590... idk why they dont just round it to 2600, just like when you see things for 9.99 lol... its dumb!
  9. Got my MC Alma jammed under moving dentist chair!!!:lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. I left my water bottle in my reade. It transferred the expiration date of the water onto the inside of my bag. Lol.
  11. I got pink dye from a shirt over the bottom of the handles on my speedy 25 when it was only a few hours old. Luckily it was very light and went away as the bag started to patina.

    I lent my white MC pochette to a friend who got an entire glass of red wine spilled all over it at a bar. Needless to say she had to pay to replace the bag. I was so livid!
  12. Oh man! I did something like that with my epi plage! There is a row of numbers from a magazine stuck there!:lol: It's nice to have a giggle about it now!
  13. Left a piece of chocolate thin mint in my flawless Speedy 30 only to find out it smeared all over the bottom along w/ my Epi checkbook cover (Epi's fine but speedy bottom--UGH!) :cry: .
  14. Puppy chewed off handle and leather ID tag off of denim flat shopper.
  15. oh gosh! what did you do about it?