Bag of the Day!! What is your choice today?

  1. Just thought I would start a new fun thread.

    Tell everyone what LV bag you are carrying today and show pics if you want to.

    I am carrying my MC speedy. :heart:

  2. Cerises Speedy
  3. Damier speedy today (as seen in profile pic)
  4. Wow, everyone's using their speedy today!:tup: Using my azur speedy & wapity inside!
  5. LoL i have my speedy too! Mono Speedy 25 (was going to carry the Cabby GM but it looked like rain. EeeeK)

  6. Neverfull MM.
  7. I have my neo cabby gm today. Actually I have been carrying that alot lately.
  8. It must be a speedy kind of day, ha ha ha.
  9. i am wearing my popincourt today! yeay.
  10. im using my Azur mini pochette . I had a party last nite didnt want to change bags.
  11. i'm carrying my mahina today.
  12. I'm carrying my mono speedy 30 today.
  13. carrying my damier speedy today!


    i've had it 1 week but today was her first day out!!!
  14. Gucci (ducks from flying shoes)
  15. ^^Don't feel bad Claire, I've been carrying my navy Chanel GST a lot lately hehe.

    Today though, was my Red Vernis Biscayne Bay GM.