Bag O Rama

  1. Is anyone still playing Bag O Rama on Bluefly?
  2. I am. Just a few coupons so far :sad:
  3. So am I, same with the coupons..
  4. yep, I'm still trying and hoping. I even chant 'yes yes yes' when clicking the dart. Haven't won anything, of course, not even a 10% off coupon. Does anyone know of anyone who has won a handbag?
  5. I think it is a scam to get people to give them their email address...I get spam from them everyday now.
  6. I agree that it is probably a scam! Do they even post the winners names anywhere? (Of course, they could make that up too.) I still play everyday, though!

    I have a friend who worked for a large, very legit company that ran a raffle at a large convention. They never pulled a winner's name. They just got their info.

    And once your name is in the system, they can sell your contact information to other companies. There are actually list brokers who sell lists of contact information. I didn't read the small print, so maybe for this contest, they can't sell your info. I'm not sure.
  7. I don't get charged for each email recieved so who cares? That's what the delete button is for.