Bag numbers 3 and 4 (of 5) EEK! Anthra and Dolma!

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    Ok, ladies. I am DONE. I have been bitten by the bbug so bad that my CC is having an allergic reaction!:graucho: Hahaha. Put I am so in love with the leather and quality of the bags!

    Here are my threads from bags number 1 and 2:
    05 Choc City I named Lilly:

    05 Caramel Twiggy I named Tart:

    And here are bbags 3 (dubbed Olive) and 4 (dubbed Cami):

    05 Dolma City in awesome condition!:wtf: The pictures are crappy, sorry!

    07 Anthra GGH PT in amazing condition!:graucho:

    Thanks for looking ladies! I should be getting another of my hg bags on 08 Black City GGH! :yahoo:
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    Your collection is lovely! Swoooon...:yahoo:

    I especially love your Anthra GGH!
  3. You are on a roll!!!! :P Congrats on these beauties!!
  4. From her signature, she should be getting her black ggh city soon!!:tup:
  5. Congrats! Especially love the '07 Anthra!
  6. YAY!

    Thanks everyone! The Dolma looks dirty in the picture and it is bugging me. I swear she is not dirty! I'm thinking it's how the flash captured the color.....
  7. Congrats darlinga!:woohoo:
    Both are gorgeous! Great score!!! Enjoy them!!!:drinkup:
  8. four nice bags, congrats!!! are you sure you'll be able to stop? these beauties are highly addictive!!! i said i'd stop right before.... getting my charbon gsh pt, my oval clutch and my framboise m&m!!! :roflmfao:
  9. Your Dolma and Anthra are awesome, congrats!!!! :yahoo:
  10. Gorgeous! I love the anthra :heart:
  11. Congrats! Your Anthra is gorgeous!
  12. i love your dolma:smile: pretty pretty!
  13. Wow! Your Anthra is a show stopper! Congrats on both lovely bags darlinga! Enjoy!
  14. ohhhh...DOLMA...
  15. Love both bags...gorgeous, Congrats!!!~