Bag not as described, what do I do?

  1. This morning I received a bag from a seller who said that it was like new. It is not, is is dirty and has clearly been used a lot. The seller is a power seller with well over a thousand so probably wont care about a negative feedback as it won't affect percentage that much and she will leave me bad feedback. What do I do?

    I have sent a message saying I want a refund and will she send me her address but she has ignored me. I know paypal never let you win, what is the best thing to do? I paid by paypal but it was with funds in my account not a credit card!!
  2. rosie - do you have the link to the listing?
  3. Rosie; mail the package back with signature confirmation and open a claim with Paypal. You will with simply on the basis that you sent the package back.
  4. I don't have the address!
  5. Does the package you received have a returing address? I always saved the original packing material until I was sure everything was okay.
  6. It has a number of the house and the road and a postcode but nothing else, do you think that would be enough for the post office to know where it was going? The seller is saying I am lying.
  7. Ok, I think it will get there fine, it has the postcode and the house number and road, and I can send it special delivery. What do I do next? With paypal? What if she takes the bag and I never get my money, or says I sent something different back? What happens then? What will paypal say?
  8. Take some photos of the dirty/damaged parts of the bag before you send it back. I don't know if PayPal would want to see them, but it couldn't hurt to have some proof before the bag leaves your hands.
  9. But what do I do with paypal?
  10. I am a gucci re-seller and have brought a few things that have not be as described and paypal have always gone in my favour. Ive never heard of sending things back before you open a paypal claim though!!

    I must open at least one claim a month on my buying account.
    This again is another good reason to have a buying and seperate selling account!!
  11. You should open a dispute on eBay claiming the item was not as described. If the claim is decided in your favor, PayPal will have the seller refund your money.
  12. I have just tried to, it says open an intem not received or significantly not as described dispute and each time it then says 10 days needs to have passed, obviously for the not received bit. I can't seem to get the snad bit! It is so annoying
  13. If you bought it from eBay you can get her address from there.
  14. Just posted it back, what do I do now?
  15. I disagree with the posts to send the bag back, but it looks as if you already have. File a complaint with PP and see what happens. Did you pay with a credit card? If so, after you file with PP, call your CC and tell them what happened. You should get your money back.