Bag-nistas I need suggestions!

  1. Hi Everyone, just found this forum and think it's great.

    I need some bag suggestions...I am looking for a new bag to tote all of my junk to work. I am a fashion designer in NYC, so I carry alot of stuff including a change of shoes, lunch, gym clothes, file folders, fabric swatches, small makeup bag, etc., etc...I currently carry everything in a 15" L X 13" W X 5" D bag that I am ready to ditch.

    I like bags that make a statement, it doesn't have to be "professional" looking because I own my business and I am a fashion designer, so red patent leather, black with gold buckles, I don't care the flashier, the better.

    Also I want it to be a large bag with double satchel handles so I can wear it in "crook" of my arm rather than on my shoulder.

    My budget is $300 or less as I just bought a LV Speedy so I am trying to cut back.

    Hope you guys can help!
  2. Maybe something from Tano??? - which are all a little unique and different and some in a ton of bright colors. Most styles are under $250.



    Or, if you can push your budget a little higher ($369 with 25% luckybreaks3 code at about the Anna Corinna jetsetter (regular or jr. size)


    Even the small jr. size fits a ton (15.5" w x 14.5"h x 5"d) - I carry a 17" laptop, powerbrick and cords, several books, 3 folders, shoes and a bottle of water among other stuff. It goes nicely over the shoulder but also looks cool carried on the arm. You can fold it over and use the strap as a 2nd handle.

  3. ^I love that red jetsetter!:love:

    Another suggestion, HH Louvre:
  4. isn't working for me. Is it something different? I like that blue tote.
    Also, try the Hayden-harnett Cannes tote in Saffron. It's under $300, at least until tomorrow. The big sale ends on the 10th. I'll add the sale link in just a minute.
    Here it is:
    *NOTE* read the return policy very carefully. There is no return on the heavily discounted items.
  5. Here's the Hayden-Harnett Cannes
  6. Great minds think I'm thinking about ordering the Cannes....god help us HH Ho's
  7. We're pathetic! I can't justify the bag. I have three I have NEVER worn that I bought during one of the last sales: a chocolate Ana, fir Nomade drawstring and black Inka. Even though I know I won't wear those, I have a Pastis coming tomorrow (:yahoo:) and I'm going to order one of those green canvas bags because, let me tell you, the HH canvas collection is seriously underrated. I really did laugh when I saw we had posted within minutes of each other. You must have hit submit as I was typing mine! See you on the sale thread.
  8. These are great suggestions, I completely forgot about my laptop...I do lug that around also...any other suggestions are welcome, I am looking into the HH and Lunaboston bags!

  9. There's also a laptop bag on sale w/HH - but it's really "corporate" looking, so maybe not what you want. Love the saffron color, makes a great splash (should I say flood) of color!
  10. OMG, the dreaded "Erol" that we saw pop up all the time during the 30 min/Big Bang????? Now that you've mentioned it...I'm off to look-see :wlae:......HAHAHHAH:smile:

  11. Not the Erol! No, not the Erol! The Montauk. I have the smaller crossbody version and it is incredible. Hard to describe how great it is to carry it on weekends. I'm getting the green Montauk for vacations and weekends. P.S. Sorry to hijack your thread. (sheepishly slinks back to the HH sale thread)
  12. ankorchick & bagdemon...must have bag is singular, not plural- thats why its not workin' for ya.

  13. Not a big fan of the handpainted leather...Plus i want short handles.

    By the way, I saw a girl in NYC with the Marc Jacobs PVC bag from the summer that comes in gold, black, copper,'s like a metallic big bag...what do you guys think about it? I saw people selling it on eBay for $100 - $120.

    I also LOURVE the Maxx New York Red Patent Leather Bowling Bag, but I don't know if it is real leather AND I don't think it's that big, but maybe I could get it as my secondary bag to wear on days I don't have my laptop...what do you guys think?

    thanks for the suggestions, keep them coming!