Bag needs Refurbishing!

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  1. Hi all! I can't seem to get the Chanel representatives to call me back with info regarding refurbishing my Chanel bags! Do any of you out there have any information as to who I need to send my bags to, or how to get this done? Any idea on how much it costs or how long it takes? How about if I need another dust cover? We don't have a boutique here in Michigan, so my guess is I would need to send it to the Chicago store or somewhere else.

    In the alternative, does anyone know another great leather goods place that specializes in high end designer bags? (Maybe you'e used someone other than Chanel). Thanks for the info!
  2. where did you buy the bag from ?
    do you have a Neimans,Saks,bloomies, bergdorf, or any other high end store that carries chanel ?
    take it in to one of them they have means of shipping it out..
  3. When I talked to the Chanel boutique here in Chicago they indicated that they take the bag, and it is about $250.
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