Bag made just for VIC's?

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  1. My SA just called me today to tell me about a bag that they are designing just for VIC's. I guess each store receives this bag for a few days and the SA can only show the bag by 1hr appointment only timeslots.

    She couldn't give me too much info over the phone about the bag (what it looks like, size..etc..) but I am going in next week for a viewing appointment.

    Anyone else heard of this!? I am not sure if my curiosity will allow me to hold out until next week!
  2. if you get to go take a quick cell phone pic when no one is looking or take a friend in order to take the picture!
  3. What's VIC?

  4. "Very important customer"

    This bag has my interest piqued. I'd definitely love to see a picture!
  5. Im going next week.....and I will take a pic! With the iphone.. you can take pictures without it looking like your really taking one..and hopefullly my photography skills will allow me to be creative! LOL! Im really hoping we aren't talking a 10 grand bag because that would be grounds for divorce in my house right now!

    VIC=Very Important Customer
  6. I am also surprised I haven't seen any posts about it? I came IMMEDIATELY to TPF after I got off the phone with my SA. Maybe people have been sworn to silence or something?

    Any insider info would be great..if not.. I will just hold off until my appointment next week.
  7. oh wow i cant wait to see what it is!!!
  8. you are so lucky! I'm dying to be a VIC, unfortunately no matter how much I spend on a boutique with the same SA, she said to me "I treat all my customers like VICs" ... I yet have gotten any calls from her!
  9. Wow ~ I can't wait to see the pics!
  10. I think we are all VICS!
  11. You have my interest perked!!! You must try to take a spy pic for us...or several. Hummm i wonder why my SA hasn't said anything.
  12. OMG! I am dying to know what this purse looks like! I wanna be a VIC!!!!!! Hope you get lots of pics and details.
  13. i have a feeling its the Richard Prince Cartoon Firebird and the ostrich frame Speedy. they're this years Les Extraordinaires Collection :yes:
  14. Can't be those...I saw those at the Spring collection trunk show. It is something that hasn't been show yet.
  15. I think so, too. Must be les extraordinaires pieces...