Bag lust

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  1. OK, if I were the type to spend serious money on a bag, this would be my new baby:


    But I'll just have to admire from afar.

    What bag do you lust after that's way beyond your means?
  2. *sigh* This Coach is gorgeous, but I lost my job a couple of weeks ago. :sad:
  3. Love the plum color. Hope you find a new and better job soon!
  4. pseub, that is a beautiful bag! how much does it go for? it's gorgeous.
  5. Oh yes.. I love that bag too!!
  6. My lust? Birkin, Birkin, Birkin, Birkin....oh and a BIRKIN! Not an exotic skin but a fun color -- orange, raspberry, lime. Something fruity, I guess. Sometimes I stop and think that had I not bought my last three or four bags, I could have afforded a Birkin. Oh well, my husband's lust is for a Maserati. A Birkin is a drop in the bucket after that!
  7. Sorry to hear that you lost your job:sad: .
    Maybe it is a start for something new and better:idea: Good luck:love:

  8. I do think this is ultra cute , if it didnt have the flowers i would be all over it:P
  9. I hope so... thanks everyone. :smile:
  10. My lust is the Birkin too! I have wanted one FOREVER. I cannot seem to get on the dumb list! sobs.

    If not the Birkin, I at least want to get the Novak!
  11. So are there really years-long waiting lists for Birkins? And do they really cost thousands of dollars?
  12. Birkin in black.. boring, but hey, classic and easy to match. I think I'd rather have the Maserati over a handbag too though..
  13. I would think that the Maserati salesman (saleswoman?) would find a way to get me a Birkin if my husband goes into the showroom and plunks down the quarter mil it will take to buy his dream car. Not that he's doing that any time in the forseeable future!
  14. I have to say that you are on the right track:idea: If your husband made that kind of $ you would have no problem getting on "the :toung: list". How high up depends on who you knows or the position and money you got;)