Bag Lovers: Please Help Me Decide On Next Purchase


Choose my next bag baby for me....

  1. Chloe Edith (Brown)

  2. Mulberry Roxanne (Oak)

  3. Chanel (small size) Petite Tote (Blue)

  4. Dior Drawstring Cannage (White)

  5. Miu Miu Bow Detail Tote (Brown)

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I have created a poll - please click on which bag you love - and the one with the most votes - is my next baby!!!

    Thanks guys! :tup:

    1: CHLOE EDITH (Brown)
    5: MUI MUI BOW DETAIL TOTE (Dark Brown)
  2. Okay, I just placed the first vote!!!! :woohoo:
  3. Woo Hoo cool - 2 people voted for Mui Mui Bow - which is kind of what I'm leaning toward right now - either that or the Edith.
  4. Well, seems to be pretty close. Surprised the DIOR cannage isn't getting any votes.

    I'm going to post some pics......
  5. Some pics - to help you guys to HELP ME.....PLEASE!!
    00001 Chloe Maria Sharapova Edith.jpg 00001 Mulberry Roxanne.jpg 00001 CC Rachel%20Stevens%202.jpg 00001 Dior Cannage.jpg 00001 mIU Miu.jpg
  6. I like Miu Miu tote the best. It is one of my dream bags to buy next.
  7. Thanks Handbag Angel!!!

    I am so surprised though that the Dior Drawstring Cannage isn't getting more votes - I wouldve thought this was a lot of peoples favourites.

    Im so stuck. I can comfortable afford the Dior, the Miu Miu or the Mulberry - the other two will be a bit of a stretch. But I really can't decide as I like them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I love the Miu Miu tote! Definitely get that one!
  9. I like the Edith or the Chanel.
  10. I didn't vote for Dior since I cannot handle white bags, neither like drawstring. But that is me. I chose Miu Miu since I like its shape and color. It will be a bag you can carry multiple seasons. White bags are mostly for summer, and they are hard to maintain, I think.
  11. I voted for Chloe. I love Chloe bags.
  12. Thanks guys. Yeah, I guess I let the white thing go unnoticed. I do love the bag - but I imagine it will be ruined pretty soon after purchase - biro gets on things even when you try your hardest not to let it.

    However........crazy news - I am now leaning toward getting a GUCCI Brit Boston bag in black or white leather. I change my mind like I change my annoys me. I'm too fussy!
  13. I thought I was bad at making decisions, problem is when you buy one you just start lusting after the next one. From the pics you posted I picked the Mulberry, it looks gorgeous...
  14. I actually voted for the Mulberry Roxanne...great bag for fall and a great color. Of course Eva Longoria can pull off anything (sometimes I really don't like her!!) But Mulberry gets my vote!
  15. (btw the Gucci Boston bag is TDF!!!!!!)

    My best friend just got one and I am borrowing tonight when we go out to see if I like the feel as much as the look...I'll let you know my opinion if you want it, nonetheless I am very excited about it!!