Bag lost in post, what do I do?

  1. I recently sold a bag that had not been sold on eBay to someone that emailed me about it after the auction had ended and offered me a bin, I then sold it to her for £180, she wanted the postage to be as cheap as pos so I sent it signed for, which is not insured. Anyway the bag has not been delivered, she has spoken to the post office and they have said that thye expect it has been lost. I have the proof that I sent the bag. The seller never mentioned to me that she wanted it insured but she is assuming that she can get the money off the Royal Mail which I don't think she can. What do I do? It is not my fault at all but I feel so bad for her, should I refund her and lose £180 or let her lose the money, I really don't know, please help.
  2. How long ago did you send the bag? Things usually have a habit of turning up at the last minute so if I were you I would wait. Could she just be saying it wasn't received?
  3. It was sent on the 30th of December, I have the signed for slip they give you! I have never ever had this happen before, I hadn't thought of her just saying it hadn't arrived
  4. You need to check on the Royal mail website to see if she signed for it, failing that phone Royal Mail up give them the number on the recorded delivery slip and see if they can find out what has happen to it. Tell her this is what you are doing, do not take her word for it that it has not turned up, it probably has not but you need to check yourself. If she did not pay for insurance the most I think she would get back is £30
  5. Hmmm... this is hard. It is essentially the buyer's fault for being cheap about postage after spending a fair amount on the item. Do you have a tracking number though? Because Paypal will require proof of post. If you don't have a receipt with her address on it, then you have no choice but to refund her...
  6. yes, I have the receipt for signed for with her name and address on and the royal mail stamp and date on it
  7. Usually, if you can't prove delivery (not just shipment), she would get a refund from Paypal. Because you didn't go through eBay, it may work differently, but I suspect for items not received that it works the same. The insurance really protects the seller, not the buyer. It hasn't been that long though and I would wait and see if they can do some sort of trace of the shipment first.