Bag Locator

  1. Do you ever see a bag and fall in love with it but then can't find it anywhere?:confused1:

    maybe someone else can help:yes:

    Post your questions...

    Does anyone knew what kind of chanel bag does lauren from the hills have?
  2. Sorry don't know who Lauren is... BUT

    Yes. I am still trying to figure out what bag on saw back in November at the airport. Gorgeous bag and it completely made me fall in amore with Chanel. I am searchin' for my love. Nowhere to be found.

    And yes - I have wasted countless HOURS of my life scouring the Chanel Reference thread. Not there.
  3. i think we have all found a bag and then it seems to vanish, maybe you could describe it and someone might know what it is..
  4. lauren has the black medallion tote with silver hardware i believe? the other girl, forgot her name, has the black gST with gold hardware
  5. ^^
    yup - I think you're right eyechew! LC definitely has the medallion tote - I can't remember the colour of the hardware though.
  6. Thankyou for posting back so quickly! does anyone knew where i could get my hands on this adorable bag?:confused1:

    here is a picture i copied from another thread.. this is the purse
  7. it's the Medallion Tote, just call andy NM, Saks or Chanel boutique and ask:yes: they're not terribly hard to find.

    We actually have a Chanel Shopping Forum, it's specifically for people to post what they've seen in stock, what they're looking for, etc. . .
    anyone is welcome to start a thread in there.