Bag Liners

Nov 25, 2013
So I decided to make own liner for the Lily. I posted a thread about it on here. As it worked much better than I expected I decided to create one for my SDR too!

I was a little more involved with this one this time and bought better materials.

So I've decided to turn this into a little project and make a few up.

Just a bit of market research really is anyone looking for a more structured liner than the Samorga ones or are they structured enough. I'm not sure if I'm just a freak who really can't get on with floppy bags.

GP x


Jun 14, 2014
Co. Down
They look fantastic Georgie
You really are good at making things
I too hate floppy bags and would love something like that for my SS Alexa
Well done you :biggrin: