bag lady you're gonna hurt your back..........

  1. Dragging all them bags like that. (Eryka Badu).
    When do you considered a big bag as too big. My recent purchase is killing me. Is there a secret to packing them? I dont want to lessen the load and take away from the bags beauty by having it flopping around cause there is not enough junk in it. Help!
  2. Maybe the secret is keeping the original tissue paper in them while using them. LOL
  3. dont tempt me
  4. The Speedy 35 is as big as I would go for me.
  5. Just give it time...
    Eventually, you'll find yourself throwing all kinds of junk in that big bag.
    For example, water bottles, whole bottles of perfume, magazines, a huge planner, a big makeup bag, brushes, combs, etc...
    (examples courtesy of my bag)