Bag Ladies....

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  1. Since a few people have been talking about finances and how much they spend, I thought I'd do a little PSA... Hope it doesn't sound too preachy. I just figure we shouldn't become the other kinda of "bag lady."

    I just know lots of people who carry WAY TOO much credit card debt. A lot of it started when they were young and now that they're older, they wish they hadn't accumulated the debt by buying stuff that they "just had to have" that really wasn't that essential.

    Anyways, I thought I'd suggest that everyone consider opening a Roth IRA if they don't have one already. There's a maximum you can put away each year (this year it's $4k), but it's a reasonable amount of money, especially if you're younger. You get to earn all that interest without paying taxes on it and take the money out without paying taxes. There are certain restrictions, but it's still a nice way to make money without the gov't wanting a chunk of it. Seeing those little income statements and seeing your money grow is kinda nice.

    Ok, I'll get off the soapbox now--hope I didn't offend anyone--that wasn't the point.
  2. lol, like we were talking about in the other thread, yay Roth IRAs! i just opened mine tonight and i feel very responsible and secure. i've become a recent fan of the Suze Orman show. i've also checked my credit score recently, too. i feel so on top of my game. i'm only 20, but they say if you start early, you accumulate exponentially more money in the long run.
  3. Oh yeah--you've got a good start at 20! I wish I had done some of this earlier, oh well. I'm 31 and I really got a good start only when I was about 29. But I figure I have a lot of time still... Suze Orman can be a little annoying for me--but she probably has good tips :P Money magazine has good ideas too. Even has a financial section with the 12 tips for this or 10 tips for that...

    As much as I like new things and pretty purses, I figure it doesn't hurt to have money saved up so I can still do it when I'm 65 and not stress about my finances...
  4. i like Suze because she sets it out in terms that people without a business degree can understand and her show applies things to actual life situations because of the call-in format.

    i'm working on a journalism degree, i don't have a freakin' clue what the people on Bloomburg are talking about, lol, so i need the pedestrian version.
  5. what about rich dad poor dad? love that book.
  6. I am planning on opening my IRA soon since I am actually making some $$$ now. Saving for the future is always a good thing, who knows what will happen later down the line. Great thread :biggrin:
  7. Great books! My mom got the whole set in chinese and those are like her bible. :lol: I'm going to borrow my friend's "Rich Dad Poor Dad" in english later on.
  8. I'm 21 and I have a ROTH IRA. Those things are amazing... I'm glad I started early. I'm all set to cash mine out at age 55, wahoo!