Bag Ladies: Rent "It" Bags Online and Still Afford Rent

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  1. Do you dream of carrying a different up-to-the-minute "It" bag every month a la Mary-Kate, Lindsay or Jessica, but don't have the dough to make "It" a reality?

    Wake up and smell the Chloe. The Chloe Paddington bag, that is. And the Balenciaga Motorcycle, Louis Vuitton Eclipse, Marc Jacobs Stam, Judith Lieber miniadaure, Fendi Spy, Dior Detective and every other classic and trendy zillion dollar handbag you can think of.

    Thanks to two clever rental websites, it's now possible for you (or that hard-to-please fashionista on your holiday gift list) to carry the $500 or $2000 bag of your dreams - and to swap it out for a brand spanking new model every month - for a fraction of what it would cost to buy all the latest must-have bags outright.

    At From Bags to Riches (; 1-877-FROM-BAGS), purses are grouped by category - Madison Avenue, Palm Beach, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills and Monaco Runway - and rentals run from $20 a week to $190 a month (the latter for two super swanky bags). You can rent a Balenciaga Motorcycle bag (which sells for $995 in stores) or an embroidered and bejeweled Valentino Duffle (worth $2,655) for $73 a week, or check out a Donald Pliner Darcy hobo (retail value: $275) for a mere $30 a month.

    At Bag, Borrow or Steal (; 1-866-922-BBOS), meanwhile, there are three levels of membership: Trendsetter, Princess or Diva, which run from $20 to $100 a month for a minimum of three months. Here, you can nab a black Chloe Paddington (retail: $1,995) for $150 a month, swap it it for a chocolate leather Fendi Spy bag (which would set you back $2,495 retail) for $200 the following month or carry a metallic J. Lo satchel or pretty Kate Spade evening bag for just $20 a month. Want to rent more than one bag at a time? No problem. Your Chanel wish is BBOS's command for an extra $15 to $75 per month.

    Both sites also offer insurance, from $3 to $20, depending on the cost of the bag, so you won't be left holding the, errr...bag, if your Mulberry or Dooney & Bourke rental gets damaged or stolen.

    Just think: with all the money you save, you can buy a new wallet.
  2. Has anyone actually used any of these sites' services?
  3. I just don't think this type of service is practical. I'd rather drop the cash for the bag and call it my own, rather than renting it and returning it, all while paying $200 a month. I would rather save up my money and buy something I really like and will use for a long time. That way, the bag ends up paying for itself again and again with each use.
  4. Just not my cup of tea... I rather "own" than "rent/lease" a handbag. If it was a luxury car, then maybe...
  5. If you are going for variety - these services make sense.

    But beware of some of the "hidden fees". I know that Bag Borrow or Steal charges a shipping fee for each bag that gets sent out.
  6. Haven't used these services and don't plan to. I wouldn't want to carry something thats been carried, its just a personal preference. Even some new bags @ the boutiques still aren't new enough for me :lol:
  7. What a clever idea!
  8. yeah it is a good idea :o) wud neva do it..
  9. I think it's a good idea for a special occasion...or to try on a bag in everyday life...But nothing that I would ever do...
  10. I agree with a lot of what the other ladies have said, and adding to that, personally, I'd rather just have something tangible to show for my money. A bag purchase will pay for itself through years of use, something that you can't really count on if you are renting instead of owning.
  11. I think I said this in a previous thread - If I love it and want it, I need it to be mine - I don't want to borrow anyone else's boyfirend either.
  12. :lol: :lol: :lol: at the "boyfriend" remark.
  13. I totally agree.
  14. Are you like me, who actually ask the SA to go back into their stock room and get me a NEW and unwrapped bag if I decide to buy it? ;)
  15. Oh, you betcha! If it's an expensive bag, you shouldn't have to purchase one that's been handled (and maybe scratched or spotted). With most things I buy, I always ask if there's one in the back. One other thing I've learned to check for when buying clothes are makeup stains. Some people don't have the sense not to drag something over their face when trying on. :evil: