Bag is here!!!


Sep 19, 2006
I guess the lady at royal air mail is confused because the bag is HERE!!!:yahoo: It is not in as good condition as the seller said as some of the tassels are not in the greatest condition and there are a few tiny marks where the glue is coming off the bag, the corners are the littlest bit dirty as well. At least the handles are not darkened.

I am hoping not to be hit up by customs as I did not get a bill and the bag came through the post office.

I will post pics of the bag in a little bit but I am not sure I like the color. It really is more of a faded red then pink.
I hope you'll like this one. Take some time, first I didn't love my ink day, not finding it purple enough and a bit too distressed...I still don't adore it when I just look at it but it looks great worn and my girls think it's super hip!!!:P
So here are some pics of the 04 Rose City:




It is in really pretty good shape there are only a few things wrong with it but with a bag this much older it is in really good condition. There is a bit of darkening on the corners, some of the glue is coming off but there are no scrapes, scratches or darkened handles. The tassels however are interesting the person who had this bag had the mirror tassel on the front pocket. Some of the tassels were all tangled up inside but I sorted them out. One really needs to be replaced as there is a chunk out of one side of it. No splitting but it seems as if they were put together oddly.

It is a great bag but honestly girls I am not loving the color. :s I understand why some of you called it a faded red. The ink goes soooo much better with my wardrobe. This just looks off when I put it with bubblegum pink or fuschia clothing. I am not sure I am going to keep it. I think I would be better off with a magenta or a bubblegum. Anyway enjoy the pics!!!
It's beautiful. I love the distressed vintage look of Rose. I think that is the charm of this color. I know what you're talking about because I thought the same thing when I got mine. Feed it some Apple conditioner, it won't look so faded. I think when they get dry, the colors aren't as vibrant. However that is the look of Rose. I love it and yours is gorgeous!!!:love:
I think it is gorgeous. I think you truly want a more vibrant bag since the onces you keep choosing are not in your heart. They are like second choices. Get the color of ones you know you will love, not just because they are pink. kwim? Regardless it is a beauty.