Bag Insults - Ever Had One?

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  1. So this is going to be a short rant. :P

    We share our shopping experiences and finds alot, and are pretty close shopping buddies. Just the other day, i was chatting with my girlfriend and i happened to mentioned that i just recently got a Bal bag.. as the reason for being broke.

    She asked why i got a "motorcycle bag" and said that it was "such a cliché".

    In my head i was going: no a cliché is an LV Monogram Speedy. (no offense to anyone really, it's a more common bag i think!)

    But i said: That range of Balenciaga is called the Motorcycle bag. I got the City.
    And that was that.

    I am nooooott a clicheeeeé.
  2. Just the cliche "what did you pay for that?" and the equally as rude "is that real?"
    What goes through my head...*#@?#*#
    how I respond...a quiet yes with a disturbed look.:graucho:
  3. i get the 'how much did you pay for that?' followed by 'i would never pay that much for a bag.' i feel its a back handed insult. :s

  4. omg you must be my twin lol i get that allllll the time
  5. oh yes. i'm the only one out of my closest friends and family that's crazy about bags. they all say i'm crazy for spending that much on a bag because they never would, but then again they love my bags... sigh...
  6. oh, yeah. one time i was carrying my lv damier azure speedy 25 and my co-worker is like..
    "i don't get it what u see in that bag" i will never buy a bag that cost that much and not leather "

    i was so annoyed that i just said - to each his own. in my opinion that bag is so beautiful.

    tactless human being!!! grrr:mad:
  7. My mom is the only one who makes comments like "You spent how much??" (and I buy Tano bags.... never more than $250 new per!!!! Hello that's nothing!) and "How many bags do you need?" (answer: as many as they keep making that I love :lol: )

    Since it's my mom I forgive her each time.
  8. sure. my bf does practically on a daily basis. he hates most of my bags. he said my chanel reissues were nothing special and boring. :wtf: oh, well. i hate how he dresses, so i exchange barbs with him. :lol:
  9. I seem to get alot of "you're only paying for the name" comments. I'm like okay. Find me a bag this beautiful without a name on it. You may be able to. But it won't be leather and last forever.
  10. A group of friends and I went shopping, and I had to stop in the Coach store to see what was going on. After we left, one of them very rudely said, "I wouldn't pay that much for a bag. Besides, they're all ugly."

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    Make that triplets!!!

    My answer to their first question is now "I'm not sure it was a gift" coz it leaves them with nowhere to go


    My sister (who introdiced me to the bag-drug with her real gift of a Paul Smith Satchel) once had a stranger come up to her in the street and say:

    "you people make me sick with your bags and fancy shoes, it's people like you that caused the recession":nuts:
  12. LOL. possibly true???? :graucho:
  13. The biggest insult I've ever received was, "Your bags look generally the same to me, like similar pattern or shape." WHAT? HELLO?! I make every effort to ensure that my bags look as different from each other as possible without compromising what I would like to have. The only thing that I purposely do to make them the same and/or similar to one antoher is when I buy the same bag in either different colors/materials or an exact duplicate if I especially love the bag enough to miss it if it gets too worn out to continue using. I have extremely eclectic taste, and I think only a bag fan would see that, not some person who's blissfully untrained in the eye, i.e. the SO.
  14. "Insults" to your face are plain rude, but I think that "I would never pay that much for a bag" comments are just the normal reactions of most people who are not TPFers. Most people who say that don't feel like it's anything more than an off-handed comment (and maybe even a compliment to you that you could afford to spend so much on a bag!). Many of these comments probably meant no harm to the speaker and could have been put in a gentler way.

    I wouldn't necessarily attribute it to jealousy, maybe just a surprised reaction to what is obvious a very unusual obsession here at tPF. In fact, I think that too much of the issues here at tPF are overly attributed to jealousy. I know women who are much richer than I am who would say that they wouldn't pay a few hundred dollars for a bag. If a friend of yours bought something disposable, say, a set of eating utensils (forks and spoons) for over $3000, my first reaction would certainly be, whoa that costs a lot! To most people in the "real" world, bags are considered to be of the same disposability :smile:
  15. wow. that's utterly disgusting.