Bag Inserts List

  1. Bag Insert List:

    Birkin 40
    Birkin 35 Medium chameleon UNstructured
    Birkin 30 Large Chameleon Structured, Medium Chameleon UN
    Birkin 25

    HAC 36
    HAC 32
    HAC 28

    Bolide 37 Large Chameleon S
    Bolide 31
    Bolide 27

    Web II

    Lindy 34
    Lindy 30 Large Chameleon S, Medium Chameleon UN
    Lindy 26

    Paris Bombay 37
    Paris Bombay 40
    Paris Bombay 35
    Paris Bombay PM

    Picotin GM
    Picotin MM
    Picotin PM


    Garden Party Kwiki insert

    Evelyne GM Medium Chameleon UN

    Plume 28
    Plume 32



    Trim 31
    Trim 35


    Massai Cut 40
    Massai Cut 32

    Kelly 40
    Kelly 35
    Kelly 32
    Kelly 28
    Kelly 25
  2. ^^ It is the unstructured one.

    It fits the Evelyne either way but it smooshes in better with the base out.
  3. Handy:ty:
  4. Hi Julide - I also have ordered a medium for the Evelyne and sometimes use it for my 37 Bolide (but it should be a large for the 37 as you have listed), and the plume elan 28 should hopefully be the small which I just ordered. Thanks for starting this thread- so helpful!
  5. Lanit:flowers:Thank you. I think if the medium works then it sounds perfect! The Large fills the bottom of the bag and makes it hard for me to stuff a book into my 37 Bolide. I am actually thinking about a Medium as it sounds like it will work with many bags also!:smile:
  6. ^^ Lanit will the medium fit in the Plume élan at all or is it too big?
  7. Okay, when I first started reading this thread, I thought that you ladies were talking about something that fits into the bag when it is NOT being used, but it sounds like you stuff this "thing" in your bag while using it??? Huh? I cannot be the only ignorant person reading this?? Okay, I'm asking for those who might be too embarrassed--what are you talking about experts??? thanks
  8. Yes the medium just barely fits the plume elan 28 - it is fine on the width, but the top needs to fold in about an inch with the drawstring. I would take a photo, but don't have the plume with me right now. When I get the small, I can take photos then. I have the medium unstructured.
  9. a purse organizer!

    I currently use a PurseKet. Sizing is a tad off but I'm too fond of it to switch atm.
  10. Sparklelisab I am so sorry that I have confused you.:flowers:A bag insert is an organizer for your purse. There are so many differnt types of organizer/inserts that I thought we could combine them all into a single thread where you could scroll down a list to see if you could possible use a single organizer/insert with multiple bag styles. So far these are the companies that are on the list:

    I hope that this helps.:flowers:
  11. Anyone want to post a picture of a bag organizer in their bag?? Wow. Why exactly would someone want one? Huh?
  12. Oh Sweet Julide, I am easily confused. Sadly. I can't wait to see these. So much to learn--love it. thanks
  13. great ideA Julide^

    Not sure what size I have but I imagine it's the smaller size that fits the 30 w/ room on both ends ... they were on sale so I just about purchased every color.

    For larger bags I use 2-3 nestled and they actually fit quite well together.
    When I travel, first organizer is for mints, edibles, agenda, pens etc, the second is for H(twillies, clic clacs, etc) and the 3 is for facial cleanser/makeup etc. I can just grab and go the third when I'm headed for the ladies lounge.
    I can fit 4 of these in the 40HAC, and 2 in the 40B.

    ps. I find using these inserts makes my bag noticeably heavier, has any notice this?
  14. Great thread, I'm looking to buy one for my bags!
  15. Sparklelisab I am happy to help!!:flowers:

    FashionistaO!!!:hugs:So glad you can contribute!! Do you have the chameleon? I like the idea of putting more than one in a bag! It would definitley make my bag more organized!! My bags are always heavy:push:Today I had a book, 2 pieces of clothing that needed to be tailored, my ipod and my very big headphones (Can't stand the ear buds.) 2 make-up organizers, my wallet, sunglasses and case, and a set of keys that looks like it belongs on the belt of a school janitor:push:. My bag was very heavy...I doubt the organizer was to blame.

    Lovelychocolate Me too!!!:pI would love to have a perfect insert for all of my bags!!:flowers: