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  1. I just got Graphite for my Epsom B30. And to be honest am a little disappointed. I can see corneres for the insert protruding through leather. I also have an insert for my Togo K32, but it’s not anywhere as bad as the B30 insert. Am regretting €€€ spent on it. Should have gone with the softer MT
  2. I prefer MT but I am not worried about bag structure which is what I think many want with 7RP. I love a slouchy bag if it's not, say a sellier K or Roulis or similar, but most don't like slouch.
    MT is SO gentle on the bag.
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  3. I have never tried MTs, but will consider getting it in future. I bought 7RP specifically because the reviews were so good and I dislike slouchy bags, so wanted to keep my bags pristine from the start. However seeing how much corners protrude from the sides in my B30, I’ll never even dream to keep the insert in my bag for long periods of time. Which is very disappointing as I wanted to keep them in for storage.
  4. Hi.. thank you for sharing your pics.. would you mind sharing pic of the side pretty please..? I wonder if the insert makes the bottom side panels of the birkin bulging out (you know.. the bottom part of the side panels where the leather portrudes inwards). Because my MaiTai inserts do that.. and it kinda bothers me..
  5. Have you contacted the customer service rep about returning the insert? She’s been really helpful and patient with me in the past so you might want to reach out to Diane and see what she says.

    The L’inserts are pretty pliable so you could also try bending the edges that and even using binder clips to fold them overnight. This might help. Just brainstorming here..
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  6. Thanks for the reply much appreciated
  7. IMG_1529897758.587496.jpg

    Here you go. My insert isn’t so wide that it makes the sides of the bag bulge out.
  8. Thank youu so much for the pic allure244..!!!
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  9. Can you take a pic of the insert inside your lindy 30, I am looking for one for my lindy. Is the lindy stil able to fold like a fortune cookie? Thank you.
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  10. Does anyone know if there is such thing as a bag liner which helps the bag to keep its shape but without all pockets?
  11. Sure, here you go. The insert does fill the bag pretty well and I usually pack my bag quite full so it doesn't tend to fold that much. Hope that helps! 20180612_210539_mh1530024973025.jpg

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  12. Thank you, looks like a perfect fit.
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  13. Hi yes I just saw Mel in Melbourne release a code: 7RPxMIM25 for 25€ off each insert. I’ve tried Mai Tai, Samorga and others but nothing as good as 7RP. It’s expensive yes but agree with the other ladies here and think it’s worth every penny. Do you ladies like their new colours? I’m definitely planning on getting another one, thinking the light purple for my Gris Mouette B?
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  14. Hi Ladies, just wondering if owners of MaiTai inserts could kindly help me out...

    I was not 100% happy with how K32 and B30 7RP inserts fit my bags, so am considering trying MT. My issue with 7RP is bulging corners that I can see pushing from the inside. I have read some reviews on MT inserts and apparently a lot of people have similar issues with them. So I was wondering: would it be wise to order K28 MT insert to use for both my K32 and B30? Since I’d expect the insert to be smaller in size, hopefully the corners won’t bulge out? Does anyone have MT K28 they can put into their K32 and/or B30 and photograph for me? I’d really appreciate it :flowers::flowers::flowers:
  15. Hi can you show us some pics for the 7RP inserts that cause bulging corners? I have never found this to be the case with mine. I also own B30/K32 and K35 inserts. I’ve tried Mai Tai inserts and a few others and didn’t find the fit nearly as good as 7RP. If you buy a smaller insert I don’t think you should have a problem but you will have extra room surrounding your bag. Would love to see your pics of the bulging it is causing your bag. So you can see the insert from the outside? perhaps I’m missing something? but my bags have no indents and I leave my inserts in the bags as well. Thank you!