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  1. I can't speak to using a K28 insert with a B30, but I did have a similar issue with 7RP that seems to be fixed with MT. I bought a 7RP for my ostrich B30, and was thrilled with it--great quality and a perfect fit. For my BF B30, however, I noticed the same thing you have--the corners were pushing on my bag, and I could see bulges from them on the outside of my bag. I'm not sure if it's due to slight variance in the bag sizes or to BF being a much softer leather. Regardless, I was concerned about my BF and didn't want to test out another 7RP given the cost. I just got a MT, and am happy so far. Admittedly the fit doesn't seem quite as precise and it doesn't have as many functional pockets, but there are definitely no corner bulges to be concerned about with the MT. On balance, I definitely prefer it for my BF, and will continue to use my 7RP with my ostrich.
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  2. I notice the MT insert for Evelyne had square corners. The Evelyne has rounded corners. Do you notice that the MT insert creates any dents or anything in your Evelyne at the corners? Thanks!!
  3. 824B505D-F1FC-488C-8CBB-4D20D749BD7F.jpeg
    I use Purses to go for my Evelyne’s they fit perfectly are lightweight and have lots of inside pockets.
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  4. Hi. Is your Evie the pm size? If so, ehat style or size is the Purse to Go organizer that you got? Thanks!

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  6. I recently just bought my first K28 and I would be very interested in trying to make my own insert if you don't mind sharing your pattern.. The 7RPs are too expensive. But my local fabric shop carries the alcantara fabric used by the 7RPs. So I think it is worth a try to make my own. Thank you.
  7. Anyone uses Samorga’s insert in K28R and B25/B30? Thanks
  8. My apologies, ladies, for the delayed reply (somehow I completely missed your posts! :sad: )
    This is my B30 with the insert. Not ideal at all. However, the customer service has been exceptional from 7RP.
    I have been looking for other options for my B30 and narrowed it down to D&C. Howeve, can’t see many photos of it here as I’m struggling to judge if the B30 insert tapers towards the top at all. I decided against MaiTai as the insert all’s are very thick and I don’t like that.
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  9. Thank you for this pic dear..
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  10. Wow! This doesn’t seem normal, especially on a stiff leather like epsom. Did they possibly make it a tad too large? I only have 7rp inserts for my sellier kelly 28 and 32, chèvre and barenia, and they are perfect with no pressure points. I think my friend has one in a swift Birkin with no problems either. Has this happened to others? Maybe because it’s handmade?
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  11. Not sure what went wrong there, but it seems to me that the tapering of the insert towards the top needed to be greater. Also the corners needed to be less pointy and stiff. But then again, I only have one B and can’t try it in another bag, so maybe it’s just the way my bag was made.
  12. Thank you for sharing! Yes I agree with @dharma i have 3 inserts from 7RP (Birkin & Kelly) and no problems either, same with my friends too. I’m sure if you reach out to them they will try resolve this for you. My Birkin insert tapers in really well and the corners are structured but definitely not stiff.

    On a different note can I ask with your Epsom it looks very nice and stiff and leather looks smooth and even. Is the back of your Black Birkin nice and flush too? My 1 year old blue Epsom Birkin looks a little lumpy, is that normal? Not even sure I am describing it correctly. This is the 1st time I’ve bought a Birkin in Epsom, normally I just stick to Togo.
  13. Customer service at 7RP was exceptional as I also bought a K insert and had a similar issue with it (although not as extreme as the B insert), so ended up returning both. These inserts were beautifully made and very nice to touch, but I was concerned it will dent my bags in the long run since I could see the corners protruding on both bags.

    Not sure I can understand what sort of lumps are you referring to. Could you post a photo?
  14. Has anyone tried the 7RP insert for the Evelyne? I recently watched Mel in Melbourne review one in a bag comparison video (GP & Evelyne), and it looks perfect. I bought the 7RP for my B30, and have zero complaints. They’re just so darn pricey. Ok, so one complaint.
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