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  1. Yes, it’s Bleu Electrique :smile:. Thank you . I put my CSGM in a ziplock bag and tuck it into either the front side or back side in between the bag and the insert. If the CSGM is lying flat, it seems to fit flush without creating any bulges. Hope this helps!
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  2. You are incredibly creative and talented!!

    Hmmm... I think I see an Etsy shop in someone’s future !
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  3. Just received the new Lilas colour from 7rp ! It’s my first insert and the quality is just beautiful!


  4. I love your insert!! It is beautiful! Thanks for sharing and enjoy!
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  5. We are all going to have a nice summer project!
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  6. Ok that is interesting as that is how I would like to use it too.
    When you are using your bag next if you have a quick minute I would love to see it “ loaded” with contents and shawl if it’s no trouble.
    Also gives me more opportunity to drool over your BE loveliness.
    Thank you in advance.
  7. My MaiTai Kelly 28 sellier insert fits perfectly - another MT winner. I'm sad that she only offers 2 colors for sellier (this is gris). I picked up a new B35 insert as well (I pretty much ruined my old one by putting laptops in it). I really like this bleu marine color. Note that my B is quite slouchy so it does not look like a tight fit.
    I would love to try out 7RP but MT is less than 1/3 the price and I trust these inserts to be gentle on my bags.
    Apologies for the doubled photo but today every time I post a photo, the first one posts twice!

    maitaik28.jpg maitaik28.jpg maitaib35.jpg
  8. Any good insert recommendations for Herbag? TIA
  9. I received my three MT inserts yesterday, a K28 for my sellier, a B35 and a size 30 for my lindy, and they all fit perfectly too! And they do help to hold the shape of the bags so I'm planning to leave them inside
  10. I recently received my 7RP insert for sellier K28.

    It fits perfectly inside a structured sellier K28. HOWEVER it DOES NOT fit well inside a Kelly sellier MOU. Appears to be a tad shorter. I'm continuing exploring the options for a mou Kelly. Will share here when I find a good solution.
  11. Has anyone tried the graphite ? I’m considering that or rouge amour for a B30 noir in RGHW so am a little bit undecided. Wanted to do more research since they are pricy
  12. growingcollection coupon code is not working for 7rueparadis for some reason. anyone have another code? thanks!
  13. Try "rivierasummer"
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  14. Here ya go. IMG_1529456127.039181.jpg
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  15. IMG_1529456150.196036.jpg
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