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  1. I read much about the reviews of the various kinds of purse organizers and protectors in this forum. Everyone seems to have his/her favorite for his/her special needs (e.g., bag type and presonal preferrence). I have decided on the bagmate inspite of its weight. Wonder which of these purse organizers/protectors are the most favorable/popular?

    It would be helpful to state your requirements and your assessments. Thanks!
  2. I use a Purseket and love it. I like the shape because it can be round for my Picotin or U shaped in my Speedy 25.
  3. Yes I vote for the purseket as well... for the same reason as cb mentions, I also like it that there still is room in the middle to put things.
  4. I have both the Purseket and Chameleon. The use of both emphasised the batwings of my birkin bags. Instead I have purchased lots of colorful Hermes accessories. They are fun to look at in my bags and do not emphasis the batwings at all.
  5. I tried the purseket and switched to the chameleon. I use it in a bolide, evelyne and longchamps pliages tote, and straw market bag, too (PrincessB's buddy from Hawaii).

    I like all the outside pockets for lipsticks, etc., and I like that it is self contained and has a "bottom"....the purseket sometimes shifted in the midst of all the excitement going on in my bag, and things migrated under it...

    I must second Sus, the colorful H accessories are the best organizers of all!! I do keep them organized in the chameleon....
  6. I LOVED the Bagmate when I had my 32cm HAC. Loved it because it has these retractible handles and all I had to do was lift out the whole thing when I was transferring between bags. It was great!
  7. ^^ ditto! The great thing about the bagmate is its structure which makes it easier for me to access anything in the pockets quickly, esp while driving or in the dark. I have tried the chameleon but found that its floppiness didn't help me at all in terms of organizing the contents of my bag.
  8. Bagmate rocks. It keeps Ms. B sitting up straight when she slouches a little, and keeps me from sweating putting stuff in the bag that might scratch it.

    In short, keeps me from babying the inside, which is time consuming and makes me feel altogether a little too girlie... a bag is meant to have stuff in it!!
  9. I got a bagmate and a chameleon after learning about them on tPF. The chameleon wins for being lightweight, taking up little room and fitting perfectly inside a 35 Birkin (the large one).
  10. Me too Pepper! I have chameleon insert and I love it. I did have the little cardboard in the sides but they ran in my LV tote. Out they went.
  11. I use the Purse Pleaser. It comes with 3 different sizes and I haven't found one purse yet that I would use on a regular basis that it wouldn't work with. Best under $30.00 purchase I've ever made.
  12. I tried the Purseket a long time ago and hated it. It was bulky and unattractive. The best thing for me has been the Karo. I keep all the loose items in it and have the benefit of a smart looking clutch when I need it.
  13. ITA 1000 million%
  14. The Purse Pleaser is the way to go!!! Check it out at: It fits all my bags and keeps everything standing straight up -- best part is you just take it out and switch it to another bag and you're out the door. Very cool!
  15. sorry double post