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  1. I have been doing some searches and found some information about bag inserts but nothing with a "list" I thought perhaps we could gather our collective information on all types of bag inserts and sort them by bag type. I for one will be excited to see what everyone uses!!:happydance:

    Note *Mods I have searched but have not found anythign similiar. If I have missed something please close this thread.*
  2. Great idea, Julide!!! I like the Chameleon inserts or my Birkins.
  3. Ok so here is a small list from my brain...I hope I got some of these sizes right...I have only tried the large chameleon so its all I can add:shame:

    Birkin 40
    Birkin 35
    Birkin 30 Large Chameleon
    Birkin 25

    HAC 36
    HAC 32
    HAC 28

    Bolide 37 Large Chameleon
    Bolide 31
    Bolide 27

    Web II

    Lindy 34
    Lindy 30 Large Chameleon
    Lindy 26

    Paris Bombay 37
    Paris Bombay 40
    Paris Bombay 35
    Paris Bombay PM

    Picotin GM
    Picotin MM
    Picotin PM


    Plume 28
    Plume 32



    Trim 31
    Trim 35


    Massai Cut
    Massai Cut

    Kelly 40
    Kelly 35
    Kelly 32
    Kelly 28
    Kelly 25
  4. Thanks CG!!:flowers:I use the Chameleon too. But it does not fit all my bags. I thought perhaps a list so we can find inserts for other bags!:flowers:
  5. This is a great idea! And are the chameleon inserts structured or unstructured. I got one as a gift and would like to buy a couple more but don't know if one works better than the other.:flowers:
  6. I just got a Kwiki insert from Amazon for my leather Garden Party ... the Large fits well and it's working out so far!
  7. I have VIP (Very Intelligente Pocket) from (I have ordered mine from some on-line stores in UK)

    VIP One: 22 X 15 X 6 cm
    VIP Two (I think this is sometimes called "VIP Business"): 26 X 19 X 8 cm
  8. I just bought a tintamar VIP travel size for my 30cm birkin and I must say I am not impressed....I find that everything is squished in there and also the base isnt wide enough...on top of that I think it adds quite a bit of weight. I tried it on my victoria and 35cm birkins and TGM picotin and really its not for me. Its too small, despite it being the largest size and doesnt allow full usage of the bag....I tried out the VIP one and two and returned them unfortunately :sad:
  9. Great thread Julide. I use the large Chameleon in my Birkin 30s and 35s too. In the 35s I have plenty of room on the outside for a book or sunglass case.

    I use the same size for my Evelyne GM too.
  10. ^Oh and the large fits in my Lindy 30 too.

    ETA - I see you have that already :smile:
  11. EH, Chameleons come in both structured and unstructured. I use the unstructured because they're lighter in weight. Sometimes, if I'm feeling extra weight sensitive, I even take out the rigid bottom panel in the unstructured. I love that comes out.
  12. EncoreHermes:ty:My chameleon is structured which means that there are two cardboard things on either end...

    Catsithebag:ty:Will add that to the list!!:flowers:

    Kashmira What bags do the VIP fit? TIA!!:flowers:

    Handy:flowers:The chameleon fits in a Evelyne? Cool:supacool:Thanks!!:smile:

    Ariel1987 Thank you for sharing about the Tintamar and the VIP model. Very helpful!!:flowers:
  13. :ty:I will continue to add to the list!!:flowers:
  14. Shoot - I made a mistake Julide - apologies :flowers:

    My Chameleon is a medium (I just checked the tag on my spare). So I use medium in Birkin 30, 35, Lindy 30 and Evelyne.
  15. Ooo!!! Even better!! Thank you Handy!!:flowers:Will add that to the list! Is it structured or unstructured?