Bag Inserts for Celine?

  1. What exact size did you order? I am not sure how wide I should choose the insert as I don't now how much space is needed to tuck in the flaps.
  2. I followed the width and depth measurement of the mini, minus one inch each length, and for the height, not too tall (if you want to be able to tuck in the flaps). I decided on the width of the iPad 2 as the height as I want the insert to function as ipad sleeve as well. Hope this helps!
  3. Hi everyone, I just wanted to add my two cents.

    I got the extra large chameleon (not tall, the normal one bc i didnt want to see the insert so easily from the oustide) for my mini luggages and even though it is structured and I didn't have to take the rigid plastic from the sides or anything it kinda just collapses into my bag. The longer sides (which do not have the more rigid plastic inserts) are pretty much always laying down.

    I don't know if I got a defective one, or if the tall ones would solve this issue, but having to constantly untuck those sides and straighten them out to reach my stuff kinda defeats the "organizer" part of this insert :sad: . It is extremely easy to switch between bags tho lol.
  4. Have you tried filling in the long zippered pockets and used the other small open compartments? My main compartment is usually full so it doesn't "fold in". I agree it's easy to switch bags with the built-in pull loops.
  5. Have someone tried a bag shaper? I'm using my old moleskine diary at the moment, but there has te be another solution for this, I don't want to use a bag insert.
    I've seen bag shapers for the LV speedy, but does it fit in a mini luggage as well?
  6. I would like to know that too- I just purchased a esty bag Organiser for my speedy 30 I know it will fit but my question is would it be too small and shuffle everywhere?
  7. Awesome! Great tips!!
  8. I took the dimensions listed on the intel thread and asked the etsy seller. I have a mini luggage envelope and the insert measures W11.4 x H 9.8 x D 6.4 in grey. I think you could easily lose a inch off all around. My insert as purchased is snug and covers all the lining which I prefer, but others may want the lining exposed.
  9. Are the ones from samorga sturdy? I want the base to be quite sturdy to keep the bottom of my Celine luggage from bowing. The felt material is quite unique which I love. TIA
  10. Thanks for the link - i love the felt material and wonder if the base of the organiser is stiff. I'm looking for a sturdy base so that my Celine luggage won't bow. TIA
  11. Thanks Saffron!

  12. Not sturdy but keeps the bottom of my mini from bowing. In fact the middle compartment is attached to the sides with Velcro, thus removable.

    I ordered with the dimension of the mini minus an inch for the base shape, and tall enough to cover my ipad2 in horizontal position.
  13. Hello! Would you mind please sharing the exact dimensions of your inserts? I would like to order one in orange (to make up for having gone with the black mini when I first fell for the orange :p), but don't have my mini yet, and yours sounds exactly like I would like mine to be :smile:
  14. which exactly is the right xl for the mini luggage? looks like there are a few options.
  15. Hey, sorry for the late reply. The dimension of my yellow insert is W 11.8" x H 7" x D 6"