Bag Inflation

  1. I was looking at some reference posts and can't believe how much the prices of these bags have gone up. In 2001 i paid $600 for a black east west in napa leather and a gold chain. I think the price is about $1500 now.

    Can we take stock of what style you bought/ the year/ the price and the current price. I know they are going up again at the end of the month. I'm just curious.
  2. $ If I was old enough to buy Chanel in 2001, I'd be kicking myself now :push: Unfortunately I was 13 at the time so $600 was no small amount for me to save up.
  3. I was only 21 at the time and just took the plunge. I remember my mother worried that she spent $300 in paris on her classic.
  4. I was surviving on pocket money cos was still in sch and wldn't wanna spend my parents' $ on bags (somehow even now my mom tells me to buy jewelleries instead of bags)
  5. I always choose jewelry over bags.
  6. My mom told me that back in the mid to late eighties she bought her first Chanel classic flap (I believe a small or medium/large sized one) for less than 1k. When I told her the prices now she was in SHOCK.
  7. ^ But back in the eighties...$1k was a lot of money still. If it was only $1k in 2000 I would be surprised but back to the eighties, it doesn't surprise me at all.
  8. Yeah I know. Just like how gas back then was probably $1.xx.

    It's just crazy to think of how Chanel has increased their prices so much. I can't imagine how much the prices will be like 10 years from now. It's not like they ever lower their prices (not including sales). Scary thought.
  9. I bought a huge lambskin tote for over $2000, back in the very late '80s. I knew I was crazy, but luckily I still have it and it looks pretty good.
  10. My first Chanel was the classic flap - gold h/w - got it in 2004, the year before the reissues came out. At that time, the caviar flap was 1600 ...

    I own two reissues, both of which set me back 2600 ...

    You know how they say 40 is the new 30? Well for Chanel 2500+ is now the new 1500.

    It just means fewer bags ... I guess I was not a desirable demographic ... though I have bought 18 Chanels in the past three years ...
  11. Very true! :yes: