bag in a bag in a bag?

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  1. I noticed that with my new large ergo i need to put things in smaller bags to organize things. Does anyone else do this?

    Right now i am using a demi as a make up bag inside my bag.. and i have a smaller make up bag (so the makeup wont stain my silver and mint demi) in my demi which is in my large ergo lol..

    =P wish i had pictures to show.
  2. Yes! But mine are more like pouches. ^^;

    I have a pink pouch about the size of.. 6" long and 3" wide/tall ^^; it holds all the small items.. chapstick pens bandaids tweezers yanno.. the usual. XD! and then my wallet and 1 small bottle of lotion.. 1 antibacterial gel thing.. and my car keys and a small circle mirror.. I put gum into the side zip pocket.. and cellphone into cellphone pocket.. and I put my ipodnano into the other multifunction pocket..

  3. i had pouches before i used my demi but i still felt so empty! i never had a bag this big before. i dont know what to do with all this space.. i might just throw a stuff animal in there.
  4. I carry 2 wristlets and a lesportsac cosmetic bag in my purses. It does keep them more organized.
  5. I'm thinking of getting a cosmetic case to organize all my lipglosses and lotions, so there are less little things floating around in there. Although Coach really needs to make a lipstick case!
  6. Yes, the bag in a bag is a common organizing tactic. As my DH says, "Whoever thought of the bag inside a bag must be a millionaire! Just genius!"

    Think of all the pluses of this method: it's easier to switch bags because you don't have lots of loose stuff rolling around, and it protects the lining of your bag from getting dirty due to stray pens and other goodies floating around unsupervised. :tup:
  7. I carry multiple wristlets and minni skinnies. I also have a pill box in there. Divinding it up is a great way to organize and switch bags quickly.
  8. I do carry a wristlet to hold some of my things, but no more bags than that.
  9. Yes, I do it too. Depending on the size of the bag I will use anything from a demi sized pouch down to a small wristlet. I like my bags organized regardless of size. It makes me feel better plus I don't want ink pens or lip glosses ruining the lining of my bags!
  10. I do this.

    Right now I carry my black signature stripe demi as a make-up / random junk bag. Plus I have a mini skini inside of the demi with smaller loose junk.

    I've done this for years. I hate a ton of loose things in the bottom of my bag, I can only handle keys and a couple of lip glosses floating around.
  11. I always say I'm going to do this, but as of yet, I haven't. I really need to buy some wristlets though. It would be so nice to be organized.
  12. I carry two wrislets and that coach pill bottle case (best thing ever BTW) that takes care of make up, emergency bandaids and meds. And of course my wallet and blackberry. Nothing really goes free in there except the occasional receipt (folded in half to prevent ink transfer) or loose change. And maybe sometimes a book or magazine.
  13. i dont have a mini skinny yet. i couldnt think of a use for it. i mean i use a wristlet when i go out and do not want to carry a purse because my cell phone fits in it.

    what is the purpose of a mini skinny? hold your DL and fits in your jeans?

  14. Forgot the MiniSkinny. I have one of those too. I usually hide an emergency $20 in there, but I really use it when I need to go somewhere quick with no attachments like a purse or wallet. Just slip the DL and some cash (usually that $20), attach it to the keys and out I go. Most of the time, that's for concerts, quick trips out, etc. Come to think of it, I have used just a skinny at a theme part too. Really, it was like my second ever coach purchase and I bought it only because it was pink. LOL. Who knows, I am probaby not using it to its full potential. There's a great thread on MS and wristlet uses in here. I can't figure out how to link a thread though. :s. Maybe someone else can help.
  15. I would think a wristlet be better since most cell phones fit in there. I normally hook it to my jeans and go on my way. \

    I think i may go on ebay and just buy a mini skinny just to have one! then i can put it in the wristlet lol