Bag Ideas

  1. I'm looking for a bag that would be big enough to hold file folders for work but isn't technically considered a "briefcase".

    I have the BH but it just doesn't fit files comfortably.

    Any ideas?
  2. I bet the neverfull would work, or sac plat.
  3. maybe the epi passy? or a cabas - like the cabas mezzo or an antigua cabas.
  4. I'd try a Neverfull. I use my Neverfull MM for work & I fit folders & books in it just fine
  5. neverfull GM
  6. For a work bag, I love the Epi Segur MM or the new Epi Bourget City Bag. Both should be large enough to fit files and they both look great!
  7. Sac Plat

  8. I second that!:yes:

    Neverful is gorgeous and will serve the purpose but the straps look like they are too thin and will dig into your shoulder making it uncomfortable to wear when the bag is loaded/heavy.:idea:
  9. I'd go with the Sac Plat.
  10. The Sac Plat is sooo classy. If you don't mind a handheld, that is. I was considering the Sac Plat for work ( uhhh two years!) and I think I'd get one in black epi!
  11. If you want a shoulder bag, you could consider Epi Segur (the bigger size) or Epi Passy GM. They can both fit files and laptops with no problem, and they don't look too casual.

    For handheld, the Sac Plat is a good choice.
  12. I unfortunately am not a fan of the sac plat. I purchased the Epi Passy PM for this very purpose. The GM version allows you to carry over the shoulder if necessary as well as a laptop. I think this bag is classy. Good luck on your decision!

    Beautifully textured Epi leather with smooth leather trim
    Name pays homage to the chic shopping street in Paris
    Polished palladium-finished hardware
    Rolled leather handles
    Adjustable buckle to increase bag's capacity
    Open top with snap hook closure
    Fine textile lining
    Gusseted interior features two compartments separated by a central zipped pocket; flat pocket and cell phone pocket
    Fits legal documents
    12.4" x 10.2" x 5.1"
  13. I love my Saleya MM for the same reason - I use it for work, yet it doesn't look like a briefcase. The rolled handles are comfortable to hand carry, yet long enough to fit on your shoulder. You can choose regular Damier or Azur.
  14. i haven't actually seen the hampstead GM but from the catalogue it looks quite big that it may hold files....
  15. Cabas Mezzo! I bought it for school and it's structured, the bottom doesn't bulge out, it zips shut, and fits a ton, but isn't too heavy. Here's a pic: