Bag ID Needed!!

  1. Can someone please tell me the name of the Chanel bag that Lauren Conrad on MTV's The Hills received as a gift from her bf?? Everytime I see go into the Chanel boutiques in Neiman's or Saks I never see it and never know what the style is called to ask about it?? Thanks!
  2. It's the Chanel Medallion tote. =)
  3. its called the medallion...I think if you do a search here you'll be able to find pics of it
  4. medallion tote.. it comes with silver or black hardware..
    i have the pink.. they have colors, white, silver, beige and black..
    since i seen her get hers on the show I am dying for the black. is a must have
    the actual medallion piece is great.. I want to take it off and make it a key chain... lol.. i will find the pict and post it for you
  5. here you go vn3vhs
  6. I love that bag! I've seen it in beige and it's beautiful! I do have a question about this bag...can the handles drop down or do they stay up all the time? Everytime I've seen this bag the handles are up and I was wondering if they can lay down. Just curious.;)
  7. here you go the black and here is my actual pink one

    oh and the handles always stay up... the style and shape of the bag is vERY STIFF- which I love, because it will never loose its shape...
    Miy pink stated to fade on the edges and under the handles-- because its pink.. I just took it back to Neimans to have they refurbish it, which they are doing for free.
    its a great bag.. ver classic chic... I get alot of stares when I am carrying it through the airport... lol
    loveher.jpg normal_3~4.jpg
  8. in my picture i kind of laid mine down so to see the bag- but they sprang right back up..
  9. Can someone identify the other black chanel bag that lauren conrad has been carrying this season? It looks bigger than the medallion tote and more rectangular.
  10. The GST right?
  11. Thanks Selena for your response. Another question, does the GST have chain straps? Because the bag she has been wearing appears to have just black leather straps. I have bad eyesight though, so I am not sure. Thanks in advance.

  12. I haven't seen Lauren carrying the GST, but her bf Heidi carries that one..
  13. The Medallion tote is the second one that I want. Does anyone know if this one will be affected by the price increase on April 1st? Is it considered a "classic"?
  14. I just watched the latest episode of the hills and they had Lauren's bag prominently displayed. It has black leather straps, it's quilted, the CC logo is on one side in black and the other side has a slit pocket (no flap). Any ideas which bag it is and if it is still available?
  15. They've already said it's the Medallion tote, and yes it is still available. :smile: It is a great bag isn't it? Ever since I saw it last season I've wanted it too.