Bag ID needed

  1. The Bag Lady blog really annoys me. They do a "yay or nay Wednesday" every week. I don't care about the game... I just want to know what this bag is, and by experience I can tell you that by next week, when she announces the bag's maker, I will have forgotten.

    So with that in mind, would someone please ID this bag for me?
  2. Here's the picture:

    It really looks marc jacobs-y to me . . . but I can't find it anywhere on his site.
  3. The Mango link is for last week's bag.

    I can't believe I guessed correctly for this one! It's Kathy Van Zeeland, and here's the link on her site:

  4. You beat me to it! I also guessed Kathy Van Zeeland.
  5. Thanks people!
  6. Well, The Bag Lady's readers are calling for me to be whipped because I "spoke badly" of their precious leader. Geez.
  7. I thought it might've been a Kathy Van Zeeland & I was right! I actually enjoy that "yay or nay" game.
  8. I usually can't stand KVZ nags but that one is nice because it has that Coach MJ sleekness