Bag ID. Nancy Botwin's bag in season 5 of Weeds.

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  1. She's had two bags this season as far as I can tell. She started out with an attractive B. Makowsky bag but I can't for the life of me find out what the new one is. I have screen shots but can't get any really good images of it sorry.

  2. Any ideas?
  3. Do a search - there's a thread/pf entry on this already with an answer. :flowers:
  4. I see, I swear I did a search before but hey, I'm not above being blind. I saw you were on the search for her bag from season 1. I realize it's out of stores by a long ways now but what was it called?
  5. What was the b Makowsky bag she had in season 5? I really want one! I kept thinking it is the Ellington Leather Moroccan Handbag but I don't think it is...

  6. I think it is the JAKARTA
  7. No it was a parachute bag or something. It was an expensive bag, I think around $1500.? If I find it again I'll post it.
  8. First part of the season she still had the B. Makowsky Jakarta N/S shopper, the second half it was the Henry Beguelin Parachute bag, I only found one and it was 1600.00.
  9. :graucho: :graucho:
    I have literally been looking forever!!!
    I realize you replied to this thread a long time ago lol, but am just wondering if you can remember where you found it?!

    Thx so much!!