Bag ID: As worn by Hillary Duff.

goingindebt, thank you so much, I'll definitely try that if someone in here squashes me for the bag on eBay for the bid allbrandspls posted. ;)

allbrandspls, you are ... amazing. Thank you so much! How did you find that bid? THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! :kiss:

The fur wasn't something I would've liked so much as it'd make the bag that much harder to care for ... I've never had a fur bag, actually. Simply because I always thought it'd look awful once worn after a while, smushed under my arm.

P.S. What a great thing to wake up to ... [I just woke up 10 minutes ago and leaned over to look at my laptop before starting my morning routine!] I just know I'm going to have a wonderful day today.

your welcome, i jus happen to come across it while looking at other auctions. Good luck.
I started a thread about this bag awhile ago. I had seen a friend wearing it in a beautiful blush color. It's called "pleated flap bag." I am dying for one..if anyone knows where to get it...
OK- So I had to search to find this thread again. Anyway, after searching high and low, I finally found the bag. I bought it in black and will be posting pix soon. Now that I got it, I'm not so sure I love it...