Bag ID: As worn by Hillary Duff.


Idealistic Shopper
Jul 6, 2006

A few months ago, I saw this bag at a local secondhand bag store in Jakarta and fell in love with it. The reason why I didn't take it was because:

  1. I wasn't sure if I could trust secondhand boutiques in a place where fake/stolen bags were so common ... and they didn't have the certificate of authenticity or the box for it.
  2. It had a pretty visible scratch on the bottom.
  3. I no longer have the spending power to buy bags as often as I used to ... so I feel the need to make sure each buy is a good one.
  4. It was secondhand, something I wasn't too comfortable with in the past.
I went back to that store 9 times in 4 days and in the end, brought some friends in QC to help me make the final call. I ended up not buying the bag - one of my biggest regrets. I haven't been able to stop thinking about this bag since. I even called the store to find out if they could contact the buyer and see if they'd be willing to part with the bag ... Obviously, their answer was no.

I'd like to know what this bag is called, how old it is, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

Please help ... :s
I have no idea!

Good luck!

Also, please don't ask for people to sell to you again, we ban people for that as it's our #1 rule, no buying, selling or trading here!
Oh I assumed that was okay as I thought I'd seen a few people mention in the reference library that they got their bag from someone here ... First thing I should've done was read the rules. On my way to do that now ...

Mea culpa ... and thanks. :smile:
I'm glad you agree - it's a beautiful bag ... A friend of mine saw it in Chanel Singapore and they'd informed her it was a limited edition. I can't stop kicking myself for passing it up ... nothing else just seems good enough anymore. :-/

Aahh the woes of shopping.

Btw, have any of you seen it before?
Hi Kallysta, I was actually going to purchase this bag back in Fall 04 in a dark brown. At the time they had it at Chanel boutique and NM for $1895.. maybe called "Link" something? It was also in a catalogue I recieved, came in Blk, lght beige, drk brown. It was a beautiful bag but I passed b/c the chain handle was difficult to wear and kept coming off, also for me not too comfortable.

They may have carried it a few seasons so it might be worth calling NM and sending them a photo of the bag to see if there's still some lurking around? Good luck!
goingindebt, thank you so much, I'll definitely try that if someone in here squashes me for the bag on eBay for the bid allbrandspls posted. ;)

allbrandspls, you are ... amazing. Thank you so much! How did you find that bid? THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! :kiss:

The fur wasn't something I would've liked so much as it'd make the bag that much harder to care for ... I've never had a fur bag, actually. Simply because I always thought it'd look awful once worn after a while, smushed under my arm.

P.S. What a great thing to wake up to ... [I just woke up 10 minutes ago and leaned over to look at my laptop before starting my morning routine!] I just know I'm going to have a wonderful day today.