Bag Honeymoon Help!

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  1. Hey everyone!

    SO I am going to Paris for my honeymoon and cant decide if I should take a city bag or a velo bag. We live in the states and are going for a week. Has anyone ever been? Do you think I need the crossbody strap or do you think the city is ok?

    My other option was an LV speedy B 25 or 30?

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. I'd choose velo bag
  3. I'll take the velo. You'll need the crossbody strap with all the walking and riding the Parisian metro (train). The LV speedy is very common in Paris.
  4. I'm partial to Bbags - so I vote the Velo. I agree with everyone else - for vacation purposes (convenience and safety) I would opt for a cross-body.
  5. Velo! =)
    Have fun in Paris! Don't forget to visit Goyard. :girlsigh:
  6. Another vote for Velo here!
  7. I've been to Paris several times and I also vote for velo. Bal doesn't scream for attentions, on other hands LV is very common there but Paris could be very dangerous even LV fakes are everywhere but better safe than sorry
  8. My vote goes to the Velo! It's super spacious and yet not too big! Love the tassels too!
  9. Yup, I'm with everyone. VELO all the way~ the extra space is definitely a bonus, you can keep your little souvenirs shopping in there. I had a Work when I was traveling in Europe and boy, it was so heavy and my shoulders were so sore carrying it.
    Enjoy your trip............. may you come back with another (or more) Bal :graucho:
  10. thanks to everyone! I am def going with the velo now :smile: I really appreciate all of yalls answers and taking the time to help me out! Now I just gotta pick out the perfect color! lol

    i know white gets super dirty but does anyone have a white bal that they still love?

    i mean for wedding/honeymoon purposes white would be ok right?
  11. I vote for the VELO. Have fun in Paris!
  12. Velo. City is too small