Bag holder and LV

  1. There's thread asking about where do you put your bag while you are in the pubs, restaurants, cafes etc..
    I just want to share the pics to everyone. I have been using the handbag holder, it's wonderful.I've seen this online or at Ebay but I was so skeptikal about it. I wasn't sure how it will work.

    One day I saw this holder in one cute shop in our neighborhood, I tried it on different bags and surfaces in the store..It worked perfectly.

    I recommend this to everyone..
    It's very light . I always have it in my bag..


  2. OMG what a brilliant idea! How does it stay on the table? Do people look at you funny when you use it in public?? LOL
  3. WOW!!!:nuts: What an AWESOME idea!!! I need me one of those bag holders!!!:yes:

  4. Not at all...people didn't look at me funny... The waitress always commented on it.."How cute"..may be the restaurant has to provide it for the patrons..Someday when PFers rules restaurant business, we will have bag holder as part of the furniture..just like high chairs..expected for restaurants to have LOL

    Yes's really need it especially for your Le fab and spys
  5. its a brilliant idea but i dont want people to think I have an OCD about my bags
  6. What's the make of it and do you just search under bag holder? I am going to look for one tomorrow!!!:yes:
  7. :nuts: wow thats an awesome idea!!! ur Damier looks awesome just hanging out!!!
  8. Thank you SO MUCH for those links!!!:flowers:
  9. No problem...just google it under handbag hanger,it should come out with some different website. Make sure getting with wide opening like mine, so you can hook it on thicker table.
  10. Yay you are the best! I just bought the Elephant one I love it and I love that they donate money from the sale too! Thanks so much!!!!!
  11. Wow..congrats!!! Glad you got it .It's win win situation !!
  12. OMG....that is tooo cute. I love the ladybug. I have got to find one. What a great idea. I hate asking waiters more than once to bring over another chair for my LV. It may seem a little OCD like Everlong said but....who cares. Thanks for the tip!!!
  13. This is great! I wonder why LV doesn't make one...
  14. Wonderful idea! How exactly does it work?