Bag Hangers & Pointy Handles....?

  1. Hope someone can help me with this. Recently there was a thread about handles getting pointy on birkin 35s:

    My yet-to-arrive birkin is fjord (read: "heavy") and I'm concerned about the handles stretching out of shape over time. I'm not so concerned about it being on my arm or even in my hand, but when hanging from a hook such as a Purse-Pal. I guess the wire is just so thin that I think it will concentrate all the weight over a small area thus leading to very pointy handles, especially if there's a lot in the bag. KWIM? So what I'd like to know is:
    a). Does anyone use 2 hooks a little distance apart to spread the load?
    b). Is there a bag hanger with a wider / flatter hook part?
    c). Am I just worried for no reason & should go out & find some real problems?
  2. [a). Does anyone use 2 hooks a little distance apart to spread the load?
    b). Is there a bag hanger with a wider / flatter hook part?
    c). Am I just worried for no reason & should go out & find some real problems?[/quote]
    :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    This one isn't in my experience but I guess it would depend on how often and for how long you hung it!
  3. C.

    No, J, seriously, the handles are gonna end up pointy at some stage, anyway. OR, you could go to Bunnings and buy some thin plastic hose and cover the hook with that....might fatten it up a little?
  4. I have this bag hangar specifically for the reason that I do not want my handles overlapping on a bag hook. I am REALLY anal!

    Anyway you can find them on eBay. Here is the link for the actual hangar that I am using that has a different shape, so that both handles just rest side by side versus on top of each other.

    It is much smaller in person than it looks on the website but it seems to work fine. I've used it for 3 weeks now.
  5. Yep, this is certainly do-able. I guess i could also just leave it on the floor but that's not gonna happen. I already use a hook at work but so far only on much smaller bags (which are still quite heavy due to all my "stuff!")
  6. Thanks for the link, gazoo! Never seen that design before & it does look better than the thin metal hooks (like i currently have). The website says it holds up to 9 lbs, so I guess this is OK for a pretty full 35cm?
  7. It has held my 35 Togo Birkin which isn't lightweight and also held my LV Diaper bag which is heavy as a wheelbarrow of bricks.

    At first I was disappointed at it's smallness. The website makes it look huge - but it is the same diameter as the other purse hangars you see. The piece that your purse handles rest on is the critical difference which made me take the plunge in getting it.
  8. ooo, this one is so cute gazoo. :heart:
    i love the mirror and the patterned one. which one do you have?
    tempted to get one now for my future purse, lol.
    my current bag really doesn't require one - it always tucks so nicely behind my back.
  9. HH--I was just debating between the mirrored and the patterned one. The mirrored one is so practical, but the patterned one is so cute.

    Great link Gazoo--I have one of the cheapie ones with the sharply angled hook at the bottom--it is just okay, and it shifts a bit. I may have to give this one a try.
  10. yes yes, the mirror - useful:yes: (though i have the best purse mirror already), but the patterned one, so so cute.
    wish they had more options, like initials or something. love the design.
  11. Great purse hooks ~ I love the black & white one.
  12. I have the black and scroll pattern one. I chose it over the mirror because I love to eat at outdoor cafes and didn't want the mirror bringing more flash/attention than the Birkin or Kelly hanging from the hook.

    I balked at the price of this thing at first. You can get purse hangers for so little $$ on ebay. But this one seems better thought out. You have to pull the actual hook out of the circle a little bit which allows for more room to hang.
  13. good point about the mirror. and you like the scroll pattern irl?
    the price? for a 5,6,7k bag, it's not much. i had previously been admiring one that was way more than this one, over $100, and i don't think as good.
    i wouldn't want a cheap looking/feeling hook if i were to ever use one.
    the site mentions the hook stretching/straightening out - hasn't been a problem?
  14. Great point about the mirror Gazoo; just ordered the b/w one for the upcoming trip.
  15. No stretching so far. Will have to use it more to know. I don't overstuff the Birkin though. I think the fact that it folds to close may lend to its longevity? Though maybe I am just hoping....

    And yes - the black and white one is quite pretty IRL. Very feminine yet not sacharine sweet if you know what I mean....