Bag Handles

  1. a fear that i have about my bags is that the handles are going to stretch out. normally i keep my bags just sitting on the closet floor, but recently i have so many that there is no longer room for that. i don't like stacking the bags either, so i am wondering if i buy some hooks and nail them into the wall, will the handles stretch out? i plan on keeping bags empty to make sure there is no extra weight pulling them down...but i am still scared to do this! does anyone know??
  2. I only use a hook for the bag I'm currently carrying - which means, then, it's not in storage.

    Have you considered maybe an 'under the bed' box, where you could store the bags you're not carrying in their dust covers inside that box - under the bed is a little-used and forgotten storage area - I've recently started thinking about that myself, because I too am running out of room. I will not store a bag by hanging it by its handles, if that tells you anything... I don't believe the handles will stretch out, but it does put undue wear and tear on them, I'd think -.
  3. I have a few hanging on my wall--the ones I'm currently using so they don't hang there for more than a day or two. I don't think they'd stretch out, but the hook might crease the handle? Depends on the weight, size of the hook, and material.

    How about putting them in plastic stacking bins on the closet floor? You can stack, but the bags won't be squishing each other.
  4. Do you have dustbags for your bags? You could hang them by the dustbag pull string instead of the handle. Then they are protected and you don't have to worry about the handles.
  5. OMG what a fantastic idea!!!:yahoo: