Bag Guilt, Self-Doubt, Spring-Fever = A Paddy Poll!! 05 Craie v 06 Blanc


Which 'white' bag should I keep or sell?

  1. Part with craie

  2. Part with blanc

  3. Keep both - HELLO!

  4. Find that sugar daddy (don't tell DH)

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  1. So I am a bit slow to make a decision :shame:

    And I a famous for doubting my decisions once made (hence their inherent slowness in forming, they are scared!). :p

    Finally, I seem to have a healthy dose of bag-guilt coupled with a desire for MORE :nuts:

    Add this to a Sunday and stir with a healthy dose of Spring Fever in No Cal and you get a paddy poll :supacool:

    You know I swore never to part with blanc, right?
    But then I found *the craie loaf* that I couldn't live without.

    Hence my question (finally!):

    should I keep them both, sell one or the other and buy something new with the proceeds, or find myself a sugar-daddy for remorse-free baggage??
  2. LOL you are funny. I think the sugar daddy might cause too many probs :roflmfao:
    If you absolutely have to part with one I would say the Craie!
  3. the girls together:

  4. By the way i ticked both boxes there - part with craie & keep both LOL
  5. Good call ;) I missed the boat on a Sugar Daddy when I ditched my BF after he won the lotto :wtf:

  6. Both?? :shrugs:
  7. Excellent!! I thought most people would say keep both *and* get a SD :graucho:

  8. Me either!!! :roflmfao:

  9. I know you adore your fab new loaf and you really lucked out getting it, did you sell your red loaf (i cant remember now?) if so I would say keep this gorgeous one and sell Blanc, but if you still have mini loaf, red and craie, then sell craie loaf maybe as these bags are definitely similar in colour, and you have enough of this style to keep you happy.

    What else is on your coveted list? :biggrin:
  10. Hahahaha, I would have to keep both, because when I just looked at the pic, I thought WOW a bag with 2 padlocks ~ duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!:sneaky:

    LOLOL, honestly, it was only a quick look, and then a double take.

    They are both gorgeous ~ you have to keep them both.
  11. I loev the loaf style, it rocks!! :rochard:I think it's more timeless than the satchel and easier to use with the four open pockets.

    Rouge is mine for keeps (gift from DH since it's off the trade-table).

    That darned blanc matches my favorite pair of shoes tho!!! :hysteric:

    Oh dear, my drool list:

    a Prada washed leather frame satchel
    a Balenciaga city in black
    a Balenciaga calcaire twiggy

  12. girl, u know how I feel about this. keep the loaf, it's discontinued! that's if you have to let one go.
  13. Would be good if you could get a "virtual" sugar daddy.:supacool:

    I saw a trailer for a TV show last week, about silver surfers looking for love online. LOLOLOLOL.

    This guy, who it said drove a rolls royce and a porsche, was a ballroom dance fanatic and was looking for his ideal woman ~ aged about 41. I think it said he was 70+

    Anybody here, see the whole show (think it was probably our terrestial UK).

  14. ok, my final answer is, Sell blanc satchel! you said yourself that you adore the loaf style more :smile:, and the shoes will still get worn!!! :biggrin:

    or should we phone a friend, and use the 50/50 ;)
    hee hee
  15. And I *always* have the urge for more bags. I'm waiting for 3 bags to arrive and I'm already thinking about the next bag I want. I wonder if there is a cure for a handbag addict