Bag Girls advertisments

  1. I ran across this article that talks about the new LeSportsac Bag Girls ads. I thought it was interesting. Here is the link to the article posted below. - GreenBird

    It's In The Bag

    By Reuel Golden

    AUGUST 29, 2007 -- In the crowded market of women's accessories, you need to make your product stand out if you want to grab the attention of ladies who shop. LeSportsac has taken an unusual approach: no beautiful models, no celebrity endorsement, and no exotic locations. Instead, the campaign is composed of three ads that feature "Bag Girls": girls who have been entirely constructed out of LeSportsac bags. It is an idea that is irresistible in its simplicity.

    Created by the New York boutique agency Yard, the ads are shot by still life photographer Bela Borsodi (who was profiled in the July issue of PDN) who collaborated with prop stylist Jerry Schwartz. Yard founder and creative director Stephen Niedzwiecki explains the concept: "Our goal was to create a campaign that highlights the product of the season in a way that speaks to the lighthearted voice of the brand. The bag girls not only showcase the product perfectly, they also express the versatility and broad appeal of the brand; each 'Bag Girl' represents one of the many personalities within LeSportsac’s diverse fan base."

    In the hands of any other photographer, the ads could have across as gimmicky or cute, but Borsodi is particularly skilled at projecting distinct personalities onto inanimate objects. "The product had to be the foundation of the ads, but at the same time the images had to be more than just the sum of their parts. Bela is a genius when it comes to taking a product and turning it into new things, " says Niedzwiecki.
    The ads are appearing in publications such as Lucky, InStyle and Teen Vogue, as well as on billboards and on LeSportsac's web site and in store displays. LeSportsac, despite its French name, is an American company founded in 1974 and is a leading manufacturer of functional and chic handbags. Niedzwiecki says that the shoot went smoothly apart from a few issues with the talent: "Not only were the girls’ day rates outrageous, they acted like total prima donnas, and they drank way too much coffee."
  2. that's hysterical about the 'models'! :p

    okay, perhaps i'm the only one, but i wasn't sure if lesport was american or not.
  3. I had actually never really thought about where LeSportsac came from... but I guess if someone asked me, I'd probably say France~ Interesting that it is from America :yes:
  4. i used to think that lesportsac is from asia coz its much bigger in asian countries than it is in the us.