Bag Gift for SO: What should I get her?


May 12, 2019
Hi everyone. I'm looking to buy my girlfriend her first LV bag and can't decide what to get.

She has a Chanel Small Boy Bag (her only designer bag). She hates big bags like the Neverfulls/tote designs and prefers something smaller (preferably with a strap or is able to use with a strap). I was thinking of the Alma BB since it seems to be pretty versatile. At the minimum a large phone like an iPhone Pro Max would need to fit in it along with keys and a card holder or wallet.

I was also considering a bumbag or Speedy 25 however they seem pretty soft and I get the feeling she would be annoyed with the bags collapsing on itself.

Any suggestions? Thanks!


Sep 1, 2020
Alma BB is my next bag :smile: still on my wish list. But if you decide to go with Speedy, you can always get a organizer insert which will help hold the shape. Either will work, both are classic and versatile. I'm not sure about bumbag though, its cute but am not a fan of it. :smile: So I don't know.
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Oct 23, 2020
Nano Speedy! It's deceivingly small and it actually holds more than you'd expect! I typically carry my phone, keys and a compact wallet and there's ample room for more goodies. The size is comparable to a Chanel Small Boy Bag as it's about an inch shorter in length, about half an inch bigger in width, and about an inch bigger in depth. I love the Speedy's silhouette, but I couldn't love the Speedy25 bc I felt it was a little too big for my everyday needs. The Nano is my holygrail LV bag so I'll always recommend to anybody that prefers smaller bags. Some people have issues with the nonadjustable, non detachable strap, but I haven't found it to be a problem.

I also think the Alma BB is a great choice! Just personally not my style.


Aug 15, 2009
Alma bb in Epi
Pochette Metis
Siena PM

Honestly, what about either a gift card or bring her to the store so she can pick something out? A nice dinner followed by a trip to LV would be a dream gift for me! Whatever you do, I am sure she will love it! So generous.


Oct 13, 2020
Yeah, this is a super sweet gift and really thoughtful of you to ask the forum! I agree that surprising her with a visit to the store after a nice dinner would be clutch. She can pick something out and you two can share the experience of going and shopping together. My husband hates shopping unless it’s at a boutique like LV for some reason... if you don’t live near a store where you can schedule an appointment, I’d say an Alma BB or Pochette Métis are good, classic bets - and she can always exchange if she wants to!