Bag From Sixties????

  1. This is my other old Hermes...I got it at a resale shop. I have seen them on occasion...but also don't know what it is. I think they are making them again without the holes...any info welcome.
  2. Mangeoire. It was reissued last year with a rope handle in limited supply, but it still had the holes.
  3. i saw two very similar in style -- no holes -- new -- in east hampton last weekend. one in orange and one in denim....still have a lot to learn! thank you so much.
  4. Very nice, traceyd!
  5. Ooooo, would have loved to have seen those two. BTW, I have one and love weaving a scarf through the holes. It really dresses them up.
  6. great idea...may have to bop down to 62nd street and pick one up along with a wallet!
  7. By the way, it is inspired by the "sac-mangeoire" which allows you to feed your horse on the go ;)