Bag from Sex and the City movie

  1. Does anyone recognize this bag and/or know where I can find it?
    SATC bag.jpg
  2. I don't recognize it, but L-O-V-E the color! I really want a yellow bag for spring!
  3. Ooh, you're good, ArmCandy!

    HoganCollector, I can see why you'd like that's very Hogan-ish!
  4. ^^^ I actually found the answer while searching on the hunch it was a Hogan bag. I first tried Cartier and Ferragamo, but got nothing. I decided to try Hogan, and I found it was Alina quite by accident.
    It's a gorgeous bag, but out my price range. A blog I found mentioned that it retails for about $2500.
  5. What a great bag. Saw it yesterday in the celebrity pics. Love the color.
  6. That picture is "classic" Samantha! :smile: