Bag from Gilmore Girls

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  1. hmmm.. yeah those bags were exceptional...
  2. It looks like Kate Spade to me.
  3. I agree looks like Kate Spade.
  4. I'm not really sure but I loved the show.
  5. It looks like one of kate spade's bucket totes.
  6. :heart: gilmore girls. that looks like a great tote bag
  7. hey girls..
    how many bags from the show we can ID all together?
  8. I loved Lorelai's Marc Jacobs multipocket ... I think she owned an MBMJ too, in the last season. That's about as far as my knowledge base spans
  9. I *think* Rory uses some LV pouchettes on the show, but I'm not sure if they were authentic. Emily had some vintage looking Chanels if I remember correctly too.