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  1. I am so glad I found all of you. I just love bags and the more the merrier!!! So my new friends I can't wait to know you, drive you crazy with questions, and just plain ol but in to your handbag business!!! No one will ever understand me the way you will! :P
  2. Hi,

    Now for some help from all of you. I need a black bag for everyday maybe something with a little detail that will remain a classic. Any suggestions????
  3. Maybe a Chanel 2.55 or a woven Bottega Veneta?
  4. Of course it depends on your budget, here's a few that caught my eye. What size are you looking for? A spacious tote or a more comforable hobo?

    Botkier Stirrup $660


    Celine Boogie Frame Bag $1,290


    Marc Jacobs Soft Calf Satchel $1,075


    Maybe that's something you'd like? :smile:
  5. What about the black quilted MJ Venetia? I'm loving the Bottega Veneta woven hobo as well!
  6. The Bottega is amazing - I have it and it is SO well made, the leather is so supple, and it is a classic. Go with that one if it is within your budget. IF not, I think the Celine Boogie bag (it is a bit cheaper) is a great pick. For an ever more reasonable one, Cole Haan makes some lovely leather bags in the $200-400 range that are great quality.

    The 2.55 is wonderful too, I have it and use it more for nighttime or special occasions because it is a bit small for work...
  7. Thanks all. I love these suggestions, black isn't a favorite of mine I usually go for that "plain black bag" so boring that I leave them in the closet. The bags you have suggested all have a little something I know I won't be bored with what ever I end up with!
  8. I second (or third w/e we're on), the Bottega suggestion. I have a woven hobo as well and love it.
  9. I like that bag. How does the weave hold up? If I remember right that leather is really soft and I never purchased one because I thought the edges would turn up.
  10. The weave is holding up rather nicely, although I have to say that I haven't used it more than once. Its not because I dont like it or anything, just that my bags have a rotation and it hasn't come time to use that one again :lol: The leather is really soft, probably the softest in my collection.
  11. Bottega leather is the most supple out there- I love it!! I would highly reccomend it to anyone (umm including myself)
  12. I had a Bottega for a few years. The edges of the weave never curled. I say "had" because I just consigned it because I don't really use it much anymore. It was powder pink and the edges (and there are ALOT on a weave) tended to get a bit dingy. But its a Bottega so the consignment place was anxious to have it -- dingy, uncurled edges and all.
  13. ^^^Did you get a decent amount for it? Just wondering in case I ever decide to offload mine :smile:
  14. Issmom,

    I've been wanting to sell a Ferragamo purse of mine that I bought this past summer, but not sure which way to go about it. The price was $1080 and I would like to sell it for at least $800 since it was rarely was used. Should I try Ebay or something else? Thanks!
  15. I don't do eBay. I'm just not interested in the hassle AT ALL! For most of my stuff, I use a consignment shop (that's where the Bottega went) and I don't know their price for a few days. They are good and will alter a price if I think its too high or too low -- usually, I don't care and just want to get rid of the thing. They usually price their stuff at between 75% to 50% of retail for stuff in good shape but that has clearly been used. I then get half of what they get. Its not a great return if you are looking for an investment but if its between tossing the thing, giving it to the cleaning lady or getting $250 back on a $1k bag, I'll take the $250.

    I did just sell a bag last week through Rachel, who runs the site, isn't always the most responsive in answering queries and emails but I gave her "I used it for one week" Paddington Hobo. She's selling it at retail ($1,500) and I got $1,000. Again, a loss for me but I'm recouping some money that I shouldn't have spent in the first place!

    The percent of purchase price you get tends to have more to do with the rarity of the bag than with the original price or the condition, I think. Who cares the quality if its a Kate Spade at a resale shop? You can buy them for reasonable amounts of money anywhere. If someone had a barely used Spy for retail or close to it, its more enticing.

    Noriko, I'll let you know when they price my Bottega. But remember, mine is a few years old, a bit dingy and is a Spring color. Resale shops tend to do most of their business in the current season. Winter is what is selling now.